‘When Calls The Heart’: Nathan Faces Inquiry – Bill Avery Testifies

When Calls The Heart Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) endures an inquiry into his actions during the prisoner transfer, Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) comes to Nathan’s defense. And Allie Grant (Jaeda Lily Miller) pleads for her Uncle’s job.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant Defends His Actions

When Calls The Heart on Hallmark is turning up the drama, Constable Nathan Grant is under fire by a committee for his actions during the prisoner transfer when another Mountie was killed. Superintendent Andrew Hargraves (David Lewis) seems to have an agenda against Nathan. Even Bill Avery said the secondary investigation was highly unusual.

Nathan Grant testified that the first objective of any conflict is the preservation of life. Superintendent Hargraves rather sharply pointed out that Constable Novak lost his life during the incident. Nathan gets testy in his answers. But Hargraves isn’t done. He brings up old business between himself and Nathan. When Calls The Heart Judge Bill Avery interceded on Nathan’s behalf, but the committee overruled him.

Superintendent Hargraves continued to pursue the previous incident when Hargraves suspended Nathan Grant while at Fort Clay. Again, Bill Avery objects to the line of questioning. The committee threatens to toss Bill out of his own office on When Calls The Heart if he continues to interfere. Bill demands that Hargraves limit his questions to the matter at hand. A recess is called with hard looks between Bill Avery and Andrew Hargraves.

When Calls The Heart: Bill Avery - Jack Wagner

WCTH: Bill Avery Argues Nathan’s Case

Bill Avery, former Mountie and current Judge of Hope Valley on When Calls The Heart, was a witness to the unfortunate incident that caused another Mountie’s death. Bill explained to the committee that he and Nathan Grant handled the prisoner transfer. All went well until the prisoner’s sister ambushed them.

Bill explained that Hope Valley’s Constable, Nathan Grant, When Calls The Heart went to her and talked the sister into putting her rifle down. But when Bill Avery testified that he did not actually see her fire the weapon that killed the Mountie, Hargraves tried to twist his words. Hargraves surmised that Nathan’s actions caused the gun to fire, as Bill could not say different.

Later on, Bill Avery encountered Hargraves in the cafe on WCTH. Bil accused Hargraves of ending a good man’s career with the stroke of a pen. Hargraves denied it because Nathan himself is questioning his own actions. Bill defended When Calls The Heart Constable Nathan Grant, saying he’s the kind of man who always wonders if he could have done better. Bill tells Hargraves it’s clear that this inquiry is about bad blood, and Hargraves needs to do the right thing.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton - Erin Krakow - Allie Grant - Jaeda Lily Miller

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton and Allie Grant Burst into the Inquiry

Young Allie Grant worries about her Uncle on When Call The Heart. She told Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) Nathan Grant got suspended while at Fort Clay three years ago. Fort Clay is where Elizabeth’s late husband’s last assignment. Bill asked him if he’d ever met Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing). Nathan Grant told Bill Avery he never met Jack, but he looked away as he replied.

Elizabeth Thornton tried to stop Allie Grant from bursting into Judge Bill Avery’s office, where the inquiry is being held on When Calls The Heart. Allie is determined to support her Uncle Nathan Grant, and she and Elizabeth come to a halt as they hear an impassioned speech from Nathan through the windows. He regrets the loss of life for all the brave women who lost good men in the line of duty.  Furthermore, Nathan promises to honor those men by continuing to serve honorably.

Allie Grant bursts in the door with Elizabeth Thornton behind her just as they ask for Hargraves’ recommendation. Allie pleads for Nathan’s job and well-being on WCTH. Several men, including Nathan Grant and Bill Avery, have watery eyes when Allie finishes her appeal to their sense of family. Nathan is all Allie has. He’s more of a father than an uncle, and Allie begged them not to take him away from her. Allie’s impassioned plea is successful as Hargraves decides to take no further action. Watch When Calls The Heart on Hallmark Sunday at 9 pm/8 Central.

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