‘When Calls The Heart’ Spoilers: Joseph Canfield Arrives With the Family

When Calls The Heart spoilers indicate Joseph Canfield (Viv Leacock) brings his wife Minnie Canfield (Natasha Burnett) and kids to Hope Valley to live. Plus, Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) faces an inquiry. Tune in to Hallmark on Sunday at 9 pm ET/8 CT to see how Nathan fares and how the new family fits into the town of Hope Valley.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers: Joseph Canfield Settles in Hope Valley

Hearties got glimpses of Joseph Canfield in recent episodes. But this week on When Calls The Heart, fans will get to see the entire Canfield family. Joseph’s wife Minnie Canfield and their kids, Cooper Canfield (Elias Leacock) and his sister Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock), will be in the next showing of WCTH, according to previews.

Joseph said previously he was looking for a new place to settle down, and he liked what he saw of Hope Valley. In a past episode, Joseph Canfield was making deliveries for the railway. But Joseph talked with Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) about the gas station for sale. Bill said there weren’t many cars in Hope Valley, and Joseph replied that would likely change. Perhaps Joseph is looking to make sure no one else runs out of gas as he did in a recent airing of When Calls The Heart.

Joseph Canfield mentions going to church, and Bill Avery told him Hope Valley has no pastor. Fans of When Calls The Heart wonder if Joseph will take over that role, considering he was singing church hymns. Also, Joseph told Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) that he would pray for Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) when he hurt his back.

When Calls The Heart: Angela Canfied - Vienna Leacock

WCTH: Joseph’s Daughter Angela Has a Special Gift

Joseph’s wife, Minnie Canfield, is a very protective mother to her children, especially Angela Canfield. Joseph’s daughter Angela is blind but a gifted piano player. This week’s preview of When Calls The Heart indicates Elizabeth Thornton is pleasantly surprised to discover Angela’s ability when she and Jesse Flynn (Aren Buchholz) give Cooper Canfield a ride home in a wagon. Cooper runs to sit on the steps with Joseph and Minnie while Jesse and Elizabeth listen to Angela’s music.

Although blind, Angela Canfield plays the piano so well, Elizabeth Thornton is rendered speechless when she first hears the music. Elizabeth appears enthralled on When Calls The Heart at hearing Angela’s talent. Young Cooper Canfield takes Angela’s music in stride. Elizabeth looks at Minnie and Joseph Canfield in wonder at Angela’s skill.

The preview for When Calls The Heart shows Elizabeth speaking with Joseph Canfield about schooling Angela with the rest of the students. She allows that she’s not qualified yet, to teach a blind student, but Elizabeth is eager to try. Joseph doesn’t seem sure his wife will allow it. Elizabeth yearns to teach Angela on WCTH rather than Angela continue her homeschooling. But Minnie isn’t certain that’s a good idea for her daughter. Joseph Canfield reveals how protective Minnie Canfield is of their daughter.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant Evasive

In a recent episode of When Calls The Heart, Constable Nathan Grant learned he would be the topic of an investigation into the incident where the other Mountie got killed. Bill noticed some tension between Nathan and the leader of the inquiry when the Superintendent came to town. The Superintendent’s tone of voice was rather firm as he informed Nathan his career was at stake.

Later, Bill Avery questions Nathan about his relationship with the Superintendent. Nathan said only that they’d crossed paths before. Bill asked Nathan to elaborate, but Constable Nathan Grant refused to say anything else. But is that everything Nathan Grant is hiding? The Hallmark teaser for the next episode of When Calls The Heart shows Elizabeth Thornton talking to Rosemary Coulter about Nathan’s duty station at Fort Clay.

Bill reminds Nathan that Fort Clay was Jack Thornton’s (Daniel Lissing) last assignment. Finally, Elizabeth puts Nathan on the spot and asks him if he ever met Jack. Nathan pauses rather than answering immediately. When Calls The Heart, fans wonder if there is a connection between Jack and Nathan that Elizabeth isn’t aware of.

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