‘Welcome to Plathville’: Moriah Plath Reveals Obsession with Anchors

Welcome to Plathville fan favorite, Moriah Plath, recently revealed something new about her obsession with anchors. Fans have long wondered what the symbol meant to the popular reality star. Then, Moriah Plath opened up about her reasons behind her love and constant use of them.

Welcome to Plathville: Yes, Moriah Plath Loves Anchors

Fans of Welcome to Plathville noticed something that always seemed to appear in Moriah’s fashion and accessories. And the same emblem often showed up on Moriah Plath’s social media posts. Anchors seemed to be important to Moriah for some reason. Or at least something that she liked to use a lot. And viewers wondered where this obsession came from. Or at least, why she had so much affection for the symbol.

In a recent episode of the popular reality show, Moriah Plath brought her ex-boyfriend Max Kallschmidt over to her parents house. And introduced them to her Welcome to Plathville family. During that visit, Moriah’s younger sister wore a shirt with the symbol on it. And it seemed to be one of the first things Moriah noticed. She even commented on it and told her sister how much she loved the shirt. Viewers said that was just the latest example of her affection for them. And that there were many more.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath

Moriah Plath Gives Reasons Behind Her Obsession

Moriah Plath finally decided to tell her Welcome to Plathville followers one of her “gazillion reasons” for why she loved them so much. In her post, she showed them a picture of the symbol. And what it represents. Anchors can symbolize strength or stability. Another meaning is something, or someone, that can hold you in place. Or, give you the strength to hold on when life gets rough or difficult.

And viewers of the show know that Moriah Plath had some rough times recently. On the last episode of Welcome to Plathville, Max Kallschmidt broke up with her. Moriah said she was heartbroken and begged Max to remain her friend. This came not long after Moriah Plath moved out of her parents’ house. And rented a place with her brother. Moriah is only seventeen, but she gained her independence from her family. And fended for herself. She worked two jobs, while still trying to play and write her own music.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath - Max Kallschmidt

Welcome to Plathville: What’s Next?

Moriah Plath said that being on her own in the real world has been tough. She felt that her Welcome to Plathville parents didn’t prepare her properly. And that caused her to struggle more than most would to make it on her own. But, she said she is tough and hardworking. And that she will take the time to learn everything that she needs to. So far, she has done just that.

And Moriah Plath said that a lot of her strength comes from her relationship with Max Kallschmidt. According to the Welcome to Plathville star, he has been there for her when times were hard. And he has always supported her. Even after Max broke up with Moriah Plath, he still wanted to meet her parents. So that he understood her better. After meeting them, Max even said that he still had feelings for his ex. And that he wanted to tell her soon.

Welcome to Plathville fans are convinced that Max is Moriah Plath’s anchor. And they hoped that the couple would be able to mend their relationship. Will Moriah be able to get her anchor back or will the couple remain friends?

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