‘Welcome to Plathville’: Moriah Plath Brings Max Kallschmidt Home to Meet her Parents

Welcome to Plathville’s Moriah Plath brought her now ex-boyfriend Max home to meet her overprotective parents. Will Max Kallschmidt get the answers he’s looking for? Or will the visit end in disaster as Moriah fears?

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath’s Boyfriend Max Kallschmidt

Viewers of the popular reality show Welcome to Plathville quickly labeled Moriah Plath as the rebellious child. She was raised in a family of nine kids with very strict rules. And those rules restricted her access to technology and to the real world. Kim Plath, the matriarch of the clan, home schooled the children. So Moriah Plath didn’t even have many friends, other than her siblings. But, she started to gain some independence on the first season of the show. And that continued after the show aired.

On the second season of Welcome to Plathville, Moriah Plath had moved out of her parents household. And, she rented a house with Micah Plath, her brother . Then, Moriah went on her very first date. Fans were thrilled to see Moriah find romance and a guy that could help her to grow as a person. And Max Kallschmidt seemed happy to teach Moriah more about the real world, instead of the sheltered life she’d experienced so far. And things continued to go well for the couple. Moriah Plath made their relationship official back in June with a post on social media.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath - Max Kallschmidt

Max Kallschmidt Breaks Moriah’s Heart

After a few months of romantic and loving posts, the pair faced some challenges. But, recently, the Welcome to Plathville couple started to grow apart. In a phone call, Max Kallschmidt told Moriah that he felt like she didn’t have time for him. And that she never shared her feelings with him. Moriah Plath said she’d been really busy. And that she had a hard time opening up because of her upbringing. Then, Moriah admitted that she didn’t really know how to show her emotions properly or share her feelings with someone else. Because that wasn’t something she learned at home.

Then, Max Kallschmidt asked Moriah to go out with him so they could talk. He told her that he really cared about her. But that he couldn’t continue on with the relationship. Max said that he thought that Moriah needed to learn more about herself and find a way to be more open with her feelings. And that that was the only way a relationship could work. Moriah Plath was heartbroken and asked Max to promise to stay friends with her. But Max Kallschmidt said he would on one condition. He wanted to meet her Welcome to Plathville parents, so he could learn why she was the way she was.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah Plath - Max Kallschmidt - Barry Plath - Kim Plath

Welcome to Plathville: Meeting the Plath Family

Moriah Plath recently brought Max Kallschmidt over to meet her Welcome to Plathville family. And things seemed to go really well. Kim and Barry Plath welcomed Max into the house and introduced him to all of the younger siblings. Then the whole family sat down and spent some time getting to know each other. And Max was very respectful and asked the other kids questions about their interests. Then Isaac told him about his dream to fly and showed Max Kallschmidt how to use his flight simulator.

After hanging out with the family, Max Kallschmidt sat down with Moriah Plath’s parents. Barry and Kim Plath told Max he was the first boy that Moriah had ever brought to the Welcome to Plathville home. And they thanked him for coming. It seemed like everyone had a good time. And Max said that he got to see Moriah wear her emotions on her sleeve. Which is what he hoped would happen. Then Max confessed to the camera that he still had romantic feelings for her. And that, after seeing where she came from, he said he needed to tell her soon about his feelings. Will Max Kallschmidt and Moriah get back together?

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