‘Welcome to Plathville’: Kim & Barry Plath Move Off The Farm – Season 2 Airdate Revealed

Welcome to Plathville’s Barry Plath, wife Kim Plath, and their supersized family soon return for their second season on TLC and we’ve got the airdate for you. We last saw the Plaths in December 2019 when season 1 wrapped. Since then, fans hoped for a second season — and their wishes were granted. This season brings a lot of changes and drama for the Plaths. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what we’ll see in season 2.

Welcome to Plathville: Kim Plath & Barry Plath Ditch Farm Life

In the new season, there are huge changes for Kim Plath and her husband, Barry Plath. After living on a sprawling 55-acre farm for decades, they move with their youngest children to their dream home. It’s quite a drastic change to live in “the city” for the kids. However, Barry still plans to shelter their younger kids from computers, video games, and smartphones and Kim agrees.

That’s not the only change in the family living situations on Welcome To Plathville. Daughter Moriah Plath and aspiring model son Micah Plath also leave the nest and rent a house of their own. So, the family is divided into three residences this season. Welcome To Plathville fans recall Barry Plath raised his kids with Kim Plath in a sheltered bubble.

Pop culture, the internet, and even sugar weren’t a part of their lives. However, the older kids eventually rebelled against their parents. Kim Plath blamed her new daughter-in-law Olivia Plath for the rift in her family. Olivia wasn’t raised with limitations like her husband, Ethan Plath, was. It’s really not Olivia’s fault the kids are challenging Barry Plath and his wife’s rules. But Olivia’s become Kim’s scapegoat.

Welcome To Plathville: Olivia Plath Ethan Plath - Micah Plath - Moriah Plath - Kim Plath - Barry Plath

Olivia & Ethan Plath Have New Neighbors

Welcome To Plathville newlyweds Ethan and his spouse Olivia Plath had a difficult first year of marriage. The constant strife between Olivia and Kim made it nearly impossible for Ethan to have a relationship with his parents or younger siblings. Ethan wants to be his own man and set his own rules.

And since he’s married and no longer under parent’s strict rules, he should be free to live his life as he chooses. However, Kim blames Olivia for her son’s changes. So now the pair can’t be in the younger kids’ presence without Barry Plath or Kim Plath present. Welcome To Plathville spoilers show Ethan chooses to distance himself from his family.

So it’s rather odd that Barry moves with Kim just two blocks away from him and Olivia. Now they are more or less neighbors. Plus, the new home the family lives in is in the city. This makes avoidance and distance nearly impossible. No doubt, Ethan and Olivia can’t help but wonder his parents’ motives for their move on Welcome To Plathville.

Welcome to Plathville: Big Changes For Micah & Moriah

Welcome to Plathville siblings Micah Plath and Moriah Plath are also leaving the farm life behind. Both have had enough of their parent’s restrictions. So now that they’re over 18 years old, they find themselves ready to branch out and live their lives on their own terms.

Micha’s modeling career has taken off, as seen on Welcome To Plathville season 2. Meanwhile, Moriah is working two jobs and has her first official boyfriend. So now the two siblings are living their best lives in their first house. However, they didn’t move too far from Barry’s new house with Kim.

They, too, are just a few blocks away from their Welcome To Plathville parents and Olivia and Ethan’s homes. Once the new episodes of this series debut, we are sure to see these two Plath siblings enjoying their newfound freedom. Season 2 returns to the TLC schedule on Tuesday November 10, at 10 pm.

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