‘Welcome to Plathville’: Barry and Kim Plath Lead Talented Family Folk Band

Welcome to Plathville‘s Barry Plath, wife Kim Plath, and their family of 11 have their very own traveling band. The newest TLC show takes a look at Barry, Kim and the lives of their 9 children in rural Georgia. But what fans won’t see in the trailer is that they are very talented musicians making up an incredible family band. But what makes the Plath family so special?

Welcome to Plathville: Meet the Plath Family

The Welcome to Plathville family lives in southern Georgia. The Plath family homesteads on 55 acres of rural land. Mother and father, Kim Plath and husband Barry Plath are the parents of a whopping 9 children: Ethan Plath, 21, Hosanna Plath, 20, Micah Plath, 18, Moriah Plath, 17, Lydia Plath, 15, Isaac Plath, 13, Amber Plath, 10, Cassia Plath, 8, and Mercy Plath, 6.

The two eldest of Welcome to Plathville stars Barry and Kim’s plethora of children are married. Ethan’s wife is 21-year-old Olivia, who seems to be gearing up to cause drama for the Plath family. Because her ideals differ from the conservative one’s Barry and spouse Kim are passing down to their children. On the other hand, their daughter Hosanna is a professional violinist, touring with her husband and pianist, Timothy Nobel.

Welcome to Plathville: Barry Plath & Kim Plath Form Folk Band With Family

Not only does the huge Plath family lead a quiet life away from technology and pop culture, but they have also never tasted soda! But the entire Welcome to Plathville brood shares a passion for music that grew into a family folk song band. The Plath Family Band is headed by Barry & Kim Plath, but everyone gets in on the fun.

The Welcome to Plathville children play all different kinds of instruments, from banjos to the accordion and their voices are just as beautiful. They have a gospel/folk sound that really fits with their rustic Southern Georgia lifestyle. And their motto fits just the same, “Family. Unity. Harmony.”

Can The Band Withstand Impending Storm?

That’s right. There’s a storm coming towards the Welcome to Plathville home and it’s not one that they can hide from in the storm cellar. It comes in the form of Ethan Plath’s wife Olivia, who was raised differently from the Barry and Kim Plath’s children. According to the preview, Olivia was brought up with a “different set of ideals.” One that clashes with the conservative lifestyle Barry and Kim are trying to pass onto their kids. They do not want her giving the children any ideas. But she seems to be changing Ethan’s mind, who tried a Coca-Cola for the first time in the preview.

Welcome to Plathville airs tonight at 10 pm on TLC.

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