‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan’s Bride Gives Him Sugar – Plath Family Has Daughter-In-Law Troubles?

Welcome to Plathville is TLC’s latest reality show about Barry Plath, his wife Kim Plath and the rest of the Plath family like newly married son Ethan Plath. The kids live a very sheltered life tucked away in rural Georgia. It seems the Plath couple brought up their nine children without technology in the home. Not to mention how they kept them from a lot of other things most families enjoy. It looks like they weren’t privy to what traditional families take for granted, like sugar.

Welcome to Plathville stars Kim Plath, who is a naturopathic practitioner. Then there’s her husband, Barry Plath, who works as a transportation planner. They raised their kids away from cell phones, video games, and even movie theaters.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan Plath Between Rock and Hard Place

But sparks fly on Welcome to Plathville when their oldest son, Ethan, marries. That’s because Ethan Plath’s new wife sees nothing wrong with sipping on a Coca-Cola or eating something that contains sugar.

The Welcome to Plathville kids includes Ethan Plath, 21, Micah, 18, Moriah, 17, Lydia, 15, Isaac, 13, Amber 10, Cassia, 8, and Mercy Plath, 6, who all appear on the show.

Barry and Kim Plath’s oldest daughter, Hosanna Plath, 20, lives in Ohio. She plays the violin and tours with her pianist husband. So it seems only eight of the kids make up the cast of Welcome to Plathville. The Plath children with their parents and the one daughter-in-law make for some interesting entertainment according to previews.

Welcome to Plathsville: Plath Children

Plath Family Friction Points to New Daugther-In-Law

Ethan Plath recently married his wife, Olivia Plath, 21, who is also on the Welcome to Plathville show. It sounds like she’s seen as a problem for the happy Plath family. After six months of marriage, Ethan claims that so far married life has been the happiest time in his life.

But that’s not saying much for his Welcome to Plathville clan. Especially after he claims he likes independence as if that’s something he’s never had before.

Olivia, who also hails from a rather conservative family herself, is bowled over by some of the stuff she learns about her husband during their first months of married life. This young man is so far behind the times that Olivia gets to film Ethan tasting his first sip of Coca-Cola. Not to mention the joy her husband gets from doing so.

Friction is front and center with the Welcome to Plathville group. The previews indicate it’s the Plath’s new daughter-in-law who they point the finger at for causing this friction. It seems Kim and Barry don’t take kindly to Ethan going against many of the values they bestowed in their son.

As a newly married man, Ethan is enjoying independence for the first time on Welcome to Plathville. He also describes how nice it is to share that independence with someone. So far, Olivia has acted as her husband’s tour guide as Ethan Plath learns things about the world he never knew existed, like how sugar tastes. No to mention the joys of television shows.


Welcome to Plathville – Have a Coke

Without a TV growing up, the Welcome to Plathville eldest child has no idea what a sitcom consists of. But when Olivia introduces her husband to all the things he didn’t see growing up in the Plath family, he likes it. It seems the show Friends really has him hooked. So Ethan Plath enjoys this new world Olivia shows him, much to the distain of his parents. The way Olivia describes it is like showing a child his way around the world for the first time.

This Welcome to Plathville six-part series from TLC looks promising. The show looks as if it heats up as Ethan goes against the grain of the Plath family upbringing. It seems Ethan is ready to take a chunk out of the life that he never knew from his parents.

Just from the short preview clips, it’s easy to see the in-laws don’t embrace Olivia or even welcome her for that matter. Apparently they all live under one roof and the struggle for Ethan lies between his wife and his parents.

Welcome to Plathville debuts Tuesday night on TLC at 10 pm.

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