Meet Violet Finn – Adorable Actress Jophielle Love On ‘General Hospital’

General Hospital spoilers promise the mysterious Fayden child Violet Finn is in town and the little actress portryaing her is the stunning Jophielle Love. Recently, Violet Finn came into the ER with what seems to be a very serious ailment. No doubt, Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) are both distraught. However, Finn just now learns that Violet is his little girl and she is gravely ill.

Hamilton Finn is stunned to discover he’s a father and furious with Hayden Barnes on General Hospital. However, his focus right now is curing his little girl. Now, meet Jophielle Love, the beautiful little actress that plays Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) and gets to meet her daddy for the very first time on ABC’S General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden Barnes & Hamilton Finn’s Secret Child Violet Finn

GH spoilers know Hayden Barnes did not miscarry the child she shares with Hamilton Finn after leaving him and taking off. Of course, that is what she told him to make a clean break and cut all ties. However, she tried to tell him once when she asked him to meet her in Rome. But, he said no because he had moved in with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on General Hospital. Now, she is back in Port Charles and their child is alive and stays with a caregiver.

Remember, Hayden is busy with her search for the Cassadine papers that will give her a hefty payout if she finds them. No doubt, it’s just the thing she needs to give Violet a secure future. Additionally, she was bent on keeping Finn in the dark about their daughter indefinitely. But now, the secret is out because Violet is very sick. Surely, Hayden no longer wants to keep her secret, she just wants Finn to save their daughter, promise General Hospital spoilers.

Violet Rushed To GH For Medical Crisis

General Hospital spoilers recall Hayden Barnes and Hamilton Finn set out to meet for breakfast. Of course, she was unsure why he wanted to meet with her but clearly happy about it. Remember, Finn suspects Hayden did not lose the baby and she is raising their kid without him. So, he wanted to approach her on it but knows he must act carefully so she doesn’t skip town again. Surely, Hayden was on her way to the Metro Court to see him when she got a call. Turns out, little Violet Finn is in the hospital for an unknown reason but it seems to be severe.

Remember, Hayden’s reaction was pure panic. Then, when Finn got the call, unaware that it’s his daughter, his concern was visible as he took off to the hospital. When he arrives at the hospital Hayden loses her composure and blurts out it’s their daughter he’s about to treat. No doubt, Finn is livid but he’s more interested in meeting and helping their child. So, his questions for Hayden must wait for now, promise GH spoilers.

Get To Know Jophielle Love On General Hospital

GH spoilers report the little girl playing the part of Violet Finn is 5-year-old actress Jophielle Love. Part of the time, she lives in France with her parents. Karine Mauffrey who is a stunt woman and Jade Kindar-Martin, a high-wire walker. No doubt, pretty impressive careers. The other part of her time she spends at an artist retreat. There, she lives on a bus they take across the country. Surely, the little girl’s life is very interesting. Additionally, she started acting at the age of three appearing in a commercial wither her father.

Her other projects include the movie Rose for which she was nominated best young actress and also received an honorable mention. Plus, the primetime series Grey’s Anatomy as Clervie Martin. No doubt, the young lady’s acting career is off to a fantastic start. Certainly, viewers will be ecstatic to finally meet Finn and Hayden’s little girl. Tune in to ABC every weekday to see more of the adorable Jophielle Love as Violent Finn on GH.

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