‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn Stunned – Hayden Back With Sick Kid?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) is back to Port Charles soon. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) will be stunned, particularly if their kid is with her. Their child should be about 18 months old given the timing of her exit and how far along in her pregnancy she was when Hayden left.

With that solid math, what that means in soap terms is the kid could range from newborn to a middle schooler if they go crazy with timelines or SORAS. But why is Hayden Barnes back to the ABC soap? New GH spoilers say it’s about the kid she lied and told Finn was dead.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden Barnes Back While Anna Devane Gone

GH spoilers say Hayden is back for the summer, but isn’t staying long-term. Plus, longtime watchers know that Finola Hughes always takes a lengthy summer break so that pulls Anna Devane off-screen. Other info for summer says a medical mystery intrigues Hamilton Finn. It may be about his kid.

Of course, Hayden Barnes and Finn have a complex past. She left him at the altar, ran off pregnant, then told him she miscarried their child. It was a trifecta of deceit. Now, General Hospital spoilers tease when she comes back, Hayden could cause problems for newly engaged Hamilton Finn and his spy sweetie.

GH Spoilers: Hayden Tells Hamilton Finn Their Kid is Sick?

General Hospital spoilers demand Hayden Barnes come clean to Finn about their child – first thing. He has the right to know he’s got a kid out there. In fact, their child might be what brings her back. Given the spoilers update about Hamilton Finn dealing with a medical mystery, this could be it.

Hayden and Dr Finn had the disease and he cured his new lady love of the illness that killed his wife Reiko. Now, perhaps Finn and Hayden’s kid somehow got the disease – or a variation since Hayden Barnes was pregnant not long after she was sick. Her return is confirmed but her first airdate remains up in the air.

General Hospital: Hamilton Finn Has Summer of Shock Ahead

On GH, spoilers Finn proposed to Anna recently, but she’s about to exit for the summer. That leaves him at loose ends just in time for Hayden Barnes to pounce. She has a lot of explaining to do when she finally faces Hamilton Finn for the first time in almost two years. First, she needs to explain why she ran off.

Then, she has to confess she told a horrible lie on General Hospital about their baby dying. That’s pretty well unforgiveable. But, if she’s bringing back their child and their little one is sick, Finn would probably back off his anger at least long enough to save their child. It must be something big to bring her back, though.

Hayden Barnes wouldn’t just wander back to Port Charles after all that to throw her sister a belated wedding shower, right? Plus, the info on Hamilton Finn and a new medical mystery coincide with Hayden’s return, so that makes much more sense. But Finn probably will not roll out the red carpet by any means, promise GH spoilers. Wait and see what goes on with them on the ABC sudser.

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