‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn And Violet Spend The Holidays Together – Where Does That Leave Anna?

General Hospital spoilers promise Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) celebrates the holidays with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) for the very first time. No doubt, he’s elated to be a part of Violet’s life and eager to start building memories with. However, this may leave Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) feeling excluded. Surely, she’d love to join in as well but Hayden may not be too fond of that idea. Nevertheless, it will be heartwarming to see Finn bond with sweet little Violet on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hamilton Finn’s A Brand New Daddy

GH spoilers recall Hamilton Finn just found out he is dad. No doubt, he is in shock that Hayden Barnes could keep such a secret from him. Certainly, he always saw the good in Hayden and gave her the benefit of the doubt but he was deeply hurt. Also, he was furious at first but now he is thankful Hayden brought Violet into his life. Surely, she didn’t have to.

Now, he wants to put his focus on Violet and begin building a relationship with her as father and daughter, say General Hospital spoilers. No doubt, the little girl captivates him and it likely feels surreal that she is his. However, Finn is not holding back and is diving head first into fatherhood. Sadly, he missed her first few holidays but he is looking forward to the experience this year. No doubt, he will probably go overboard, hint General Hospital spoilers. And that puts him right there with Hayden Barnes.

GH Spoilers: Finn Joins Hayden And Violet For The Holidays

General Hospital spoilers confirm Hamilton Finn will spend Christmas alongside Hayden Barnes and Violet Finn. Maybe, they will join Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and her family seeing as that’s where Hayden and Violet are living. Additionally, Hayden wants to give her sister all the support and love she can. No doubt, this holiday season will be tough on her and her kids without Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Also, Finn and Elizabeth get along very well and he is comfortable around her.

So, it will be a perfect place for them to celebrate together on General Hospital. No doubt, it will shake things up with Anna and whatever they were planning for the holidays. However, it is a welcome surprise for Hamilton Finn. Surely, Anna will be happy for him and delighted by his little girl. However, she doesn’t trust Hayden Barnes and probably realizes she’s got some competition on her hands. So, it may put a damper on her holiday spirit, suggest General Hospital spoilers.

Anna Devane Left Out On General Hospital?

GH spoilers know Anna Devane is very secure and isn’t easily intimidated. However, she is likely to feel a bit shut out as Hamitlon Finn bonds with his new daughter. Certainly, bot because of Violet but because of Hayden Barnes. No doubt, she will likely use the holidays to her advantage to get closer to Finn – and Anna knows this. So, while she is happy for him, her guard will be up when it comes to Hayden.

Surely, she is leery of her intentions on General Hospital and worried Hamilton Finn will get hurt again. Remember, she saw first-hand what it did to Finn when Hayden left him at the altar. No doubt, he has come a long way and Anna doesn’t want Hayden to get her hooks into him again. Watch ABC daytime to see Hamilton Finn share his first holiday memory with Violet Finn and Hayden Barnes on GH.

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