‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ghost of Hayden Challenges Finn and Anna’s Relationship?

General Hospital spoilers say Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) may face challenges ahead in their relationship. One of their most difficult hurdles to overcome may be his ex-fiancee, Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig). Her name has been floating around a lot lately. It seems almost as if her memory lingers around Finn and Anna like a ghost.

General Hospital Spoilers – Hamilton Finn Spooked About Seeing Hayden?

Although Hayden isn’t dead, her memory is still haunting Finn. Every time he hears her name, he gets a certain look in his eyes. The thought of seeing her again undoubtedly has the doc shaking in his boots on General Hospital. Hamilton Finn is really happy with Anna Devane right now.

However, GH fans are a bit divided. His former lover brought out a side of him that the character was missing. She centered him and gave him purpose. After losing his first wife, Finn thought that he couldn’t love again. Hayden Barnes proved him wrong and also helped him overcome addiction. GH fans were very disappointed when she ran away while carrying his baby.

Hayden Barnes Devastates Anna Devane? – GH Spoilers

A Hayden Barnes return could have a huge impact on “Fanna”. Anna’s response to the letter was less than convincing. To everyone’s surprise, she told Finn to go see his ex. This was a shock since their relationship is still pretty new on General Hospital. Although Anna says that his history with Hayden is not a threat, her nonverbal cues say differently.

As a spy, Anna Devane is accustomed to hiding her emotions on GH. For the longest time, she pretended that her feelings for Hamilton Finn were casual. However, the truth is that she has fallen in love with him. Now that she has taken the leap, they are moving in together. So if Hayden Barnes were to return at this point, Anna may be devasted.

GH Spoilers – Finn and Hayden’s Unfinished Business?

In Hayden’s letter, she tells Hamilton Finn that they have unfinished business. Statements like that can nag at a person. So, even though he says that he doesn’t want to know, will he really be able to forget about it?

Choosing to stay in the dark about Hayden’s cryptic message may cause more harm than good. It leaves the door open for Hayden to blow Fanna apart at any time. Finn needs to close that door for good. If he doesn’t, then his former fiancee may always be the wall between Fanna.

Finn, Hayden and Anna Devane are a threesome no one expected. As long as his ex is lurking in the back of Finn’s mind, Anna may have a reason to worry on General Hospital. If the ghost of Hayden Barnes is not dealt with soon, then Finn and Anna may be in for an awakening. To see if Anna and Finn overcome his past, keep watching GH on ABC weekdays.

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