Will Victor Newman be on ‘Young and the Restless’ When New Episodes Return?

Young and the Restless may film new episodes starting in two weeks, but will Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) be part of it? Here’s the latest info we’ve got from behind the scenes at CBS daytime on how things could change in Genoa City when filming resumes.

Young and the Restless Aims for June 22 Return – What About Victor Newman?

Y&R’s trying to get back to work. The inside scoop from CBS daytime reveals that the network’s talking to the crew and cast about what they need to do next. One hurdle is initial COVID-19 testing. Plus, they have to change the set and backstage areas. Scripts are changing too.

So, will Victor Newman be one of the first characters we see when new Young and the Restless episodes air? Maybe — or maybe not. One of the caveats to get Hollywood back working is protecting at-risk populations. That includes older actors and those with underlying health issues.

As for Victor’s alter-ego, Eric Braeden, he’s 79 but in excellent health. But with the new guidelines to get Young and the Restless filming again, does that mean Eric Braeden’s character will be MIA? Here’s what the actor says and what’s happening at the network to get the soaps back to work.

Young and the Restless : Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)

Eric Braeden Wants to Work – Will Y&R Open Doors to Older Actors?

One thing is clear about Victor Newman at Young and the Restless. His portrayer, Eric Braeden, is ready to get back to work. Recently, Eric chatted in an interview about returning. He said he’s prepared to play Victor again, although he knows there is some risk to coming back.

In fact, Eric Braeden mentioned signing a waiver of liability, saying he understood the risk of coming back to Young and the Restless. The initial chatter was production might ban actors 65 and older from phase one of the return to work movement for Y&R and other TV shows.

However, the plan approved by the California governor and prepared by the networks and unions didn’t place a ban on older actors at work. Instead, it advised caution. So, Young and the Restless may bring back older actors in the first wave of returnees – or wait a while.

What Is Young and the Restless Without Victor?

Many Y&R fans want Victor Newman right there as new episodes return. Eric Braeden as Victor was crucial to a central storyline. That’s the one where Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) stands accused of murdering someone when he was just a child. It’s crucial Victor stays in the story.

So, will Young and the Restless bring Victor Newman back and pick up that storyline where it left off? Or will they amend the story, sideline Victor, and carry on with Adam and his angry siblings? It would be a shame to see Eric sidelined after 40 years of dedication to the role of Victor.

We know that Young and the Restless retooled scripts over the hiatus, but that was about tweaking storyline, not about ageism. We’re waiting to hear from our inside source whether Eric Braeden playing Victor Newman will be in the first wave of returning actors and characters.

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