‘Young and the Restless’ Back to Work Date Reveal – When New Episodes Return

Young and the Restless is getting back to filming soon – and we’ve got the projected date they’ll start filming. Also, we’ll tell you when we should see new Y&Rs back on the air. That is exciting news as life gets back to normal (sort of) in Hollywood – including the CBS cast return to filming.

When Is Young and the Restless Allowed to Resume Filming?

The first hurdle was for the Governor of California to agree to re-open business. Second is for unions that represent the actors and crew members must agree on a plan. For the past few weeks, Hollywood studios and unions worked on a plan to present to the Governor.

Now, he reviewed and approved it and said movies and TV shows like Young and the Restless could resume filming as early as June 12. But, before they can gear up, they need a COVID-19 compliance officer for every show and movie. And, they need new safety gear on the sets.

That date is only a week away – and Young and the Restless won’t be ready to shoot by then. That info comes straight from a behind-the-scenes source that works at CBS daytime. So, even though mid-June is the earliest date to return to work, Y&R won’t hit that one, says our leaker.

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) - Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson)

Y&R LEAK: CBS Soap Contacts Actors to Talk Return to Filming

The source is at the network’s daytime operations and said Young and the Restless is already talking to actors about gearing up for a return. The first step for them is to get them tested for COVID-19. And, of course, they need scripts. However, the new rules say not paper scripts.

One of the caveats in the return-to-work plan is that they should eliminate paper scripts, where possible. But, you might know that Young and the Restless actors like to hide scripts around the set to remind them of their lines. There are also sanitizing regiments to implement.

Plus, they need to change up how they’ll costume actors and do their hair and makeup. So, Young and the Restless needs a little more time to get things on set ready to meet the safety standards. Now, we can share the date that we’re told the CBS soap’s coming back to film.

Young and the Restless: Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) - Sharon Newman (Sharon Case)

When Will Young and the Restless Start Taping New Episodes – Not 12th of June – But When?

While CA Governor Gavin Newsom said mid-June’s the earliest date they can return, that’s not when we’ve heard Y&R starts filming again. Instead, the word we got from the inside source at CBS daytime says it’ll likely be on or around June 22, which is a little more than two weeks away.

So, if Young and the Restless hits that projected start date, when will you see a new Y&R on your TV? It takes about four to six weeks to edit and prep the shows to air. But, given that ratings are dropping every day they don’t have new shows, they might rush editing to just a few weeks.

Optimistically, you might get a new Young and the Restless episode by late July. But, early to mid-August is a far likelier date for new Y&R episodes to air. So, get ready to enjoy another month (or possibly two) of classic episodes. Then, it’s time to get excited about new shows.

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