‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lisa Vanderpump Slammed As Hypocrite For Saving Yulin Dogs

Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump made a lovely social media post about a dog taken off the Yulin Dog Meat Festival truck. The fur-baby looked amazing, jumping around in the snow in Alaska. Lisa captioned her post joyfully, noting that they “can’t often take dogs like this out of China.”

However, she added, “this guy and a few others were able to find a happy forever home in Alaska!” Lisa Vanderpump also thanked all the people who make this possible. Incredibly, the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got slammed for her efforts. In fact, she was labeled a “hypocrite.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ just one of Lisa Vanderpump’s projects

Vanderpump Rules on Bravo follows Lisa Vanderpump’s employees at SUR restaurant. But for Lisa, that’s just one of her projects. Apart from restaurants and TV shows, Lisa and husband Ken do a lot of philanthropical work. “Keep Memory Alive,” started by Larry Ruvo, is one they support which focuses on Alzheimer’s disease and neurological disorders. She also does a lot for for the LGBT community and won an award from Equality California. 

Three years ago, Lisa used her wealth and Vanderpump Rules influence to start a protest march in Los Angeles against the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival. She formed the Vanderpump Dog Foundation which helps dogs in need with rehabilitation and safe shelter. Specifically, they focus on saving dogs and campaigning against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. Tirelessly, Lisa Vanderpump works to raise awareness and for legislation. But somehow, her efforts brought criticism.

Instagram followers call Lisa a hypocrite

Instagram dog lovers reacted to a post accusing Lisa Vanderpump of being hypocritical. It seems the label came from a critic who felt that she shouldn’t be saving dogs when she owns restaurants that sell animal meat. Another felt the Vanderpump Rules star should spend her money closer to home than China. One commenter noted, “how can you serve veal at your restaurant and preach to support saving dogs from slaughter?” They added that her Instagram was “the right place to voice” on her hypocrisy as, “maybe Lisa needs a rude awakening.”

Another commenter asked “who’s she to make them stop? Kind of a hypocrite.” Yet another person noted that she should be pulling “pigs and cows off the trucks.” They noted that she “ate turkey for thanksgiving also.” Of course, those who love that Lisa Vanderpump dedicates her celebrity status to help dogs reacted with anger.

Yulin project raised vegan ire – supporters hit back

It seems the controversy over the Yulin dogs came from vegans. Many don’t want anyone to eat meat and it seems they want Lisa to do something about that, rather than worry about Chinese dogs. Vanderpump Rules supporters hit back against her vegan critics. A fan put things in perspective. @ryylake posted: “Thank you, thank you, @lisavanderpump ❤️ You are a true hero to me for all that you do for animals, marginalized people, and humanity as a whole!”

What do you think about the Lisa Vanderpump slams for saving Yulin’s dogs? Do think she’s a hypocrite?

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