Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Meat Rescue – 5 Gorgeous Pups Adoption-Ready

Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue foundation saves dogs from the meat trade in Asia. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation works hard to keep the animals from the cooking pot. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China fills animal-lovers with horror. Dogs of all ages get clubbed to death before they are cooked and eaten. The Independent UK reported that 2018 saw the 9th Lychee and Dog Meat festival in Guangxi province, China.

Lisa Vanderpump fights against the dog meat festival

Over ten thousand dogs die at the festival each year. Eating dog meat in China’s been going for hundreds of years. However, the new festival even disgusts many Chinese people as they now become pet owners themselves. Through her Dog Foundation, Lisa’s determined to rescue as many dogs as possible, while highlighting the animal cruelty issue.

Lisa Vanderpump runs various businesses like SUR restaurant and co-owns the Tom Tom Bar. She also stars in the reality TV shows Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, she still finds the time to rescue and rehabilitate the dogs. Taking it a step further she finds loving homes for them.

Five rescued dogs up for adoption now

Five rescued dogs photos in the @Vanderpumpdogs Instagram post highlight the tragedy. Their names are Sally Mae, Sugar, Batman, Pretty Boy, and Lucy. The rescues happened during last year’s Yulin dog festival. Dogs are still being rehabilitated and homes will be needed for more. But for now, these five pups are ready to go. The post notes that they “are able to fly one of these 5 rescue dogs anywhere in the US!”

Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Foundation post invites people to contact them. They can get “sponsorship details if …interested in adoption.” They point out that this includes “vaccines and travel and expenses.” Additionally, they cover things like quarantine certificates and spaying or neutering the animals. The animals travel in comfortable cages. But these dogs suffered so much already that they ask people to contact them only if they’re serious animal lovers and want to adopt.

Dog meat eaten at the summer solstice

The rescue for the five pups came on their way meet a nasty death during the hot summer solstice. Lisa’s organization made certain to rescue them from a terrible end. Newsweek’s Peter J Li described the dogs at the festival as brutally stressed. He used the words, “psychologically destroyed.” Apart from the Lisa Vanderpump Dog Foundation, many Chinese people dislike the practice. Hopefully, in time, the festival will become a nightmare from the past. In the meantime, these five gorgeous pups are adoption-ready to move to loving homes.

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