‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Lisa Vanderpump Switching Things Up

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 9 has no release date yet, but the ladies are gearing up for it. Lisa Vanderpump, for one, seems to be looking forward to it. Lisa’s been busy with the new Tom Tom bar in West Hollywood, but she loves variety and likes to switch thing up. ET spoke to her at the bar this week and she mentioned the newest arrival to the RHOBH show, Denise Richards.

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Denise Richards and Lisa

Lisa Vanderpump told ET that she had met RHOBH‘s newest member, Denise Richards. They have something in common, and that is dogs. Fans of Lisa know she does a lot of work to try and stop the dog meat trade. Actually, she also has her Dog Foundation. As animal lovers, hopefully, they will bond and get along together. Lisa seems to think this is likely. She said, “I’ve only spent a few hours around her, but I do know that she’s really crazy about dog rescue, so that was kind of a bonding moment for the two of us.”

As for Denise, previously married to Charlie Sheen, she did mention a Lisa when talking to Extra about joining the show. She said it was Lisa Rinna who helped her decide on the franchise as she had “so much fun.”  But fans of Lisa Vanderpump will obviously be happy if the two do bond even more over animals.

‘RHOBH’: Lisa looking switch it up

For Lisa Vanderpump, life is never dull. Now Tom Tom is looking just perfect and people are queuing up to spend time in the new creation, she can look forward to something else. This was revealed when ET asked about whether there were any worries over foodie competitor, Lindsay Lohan. Lohan is starting her new reality series, Lohan Beach Club. It seems Lisa has no concerns at all about the new MTV Mykonos business venture series. She said that the shows are not all that similar. Anyway, have you ever seen Lisa Vanderpump looking insecure in her business ventures?

That was when she moved on and spoke about switching things up. Getting to Real Housewives, she spoke about Denise coming along. She’s all positive about it. “It’s always great to have a new dynamic because it always switches things up,” she told Lauren Zima of ET.

Lisa Vanderpump is never boring

One thing we can say about Lisa Vanderpump is that she is certainly never boring. Whether she’s switching things up from her pink appearance to purple Elie Saab dresses for the RHOBH reunion, or celebrating a new venture, she’s classy and entertaining. That accounts for a lot of the popularity she gets from the Vanderpump Rules show centered around SUR restaurant. She’s always busy, perhaps granting a tour of her fabulous Villa Rosa home, or promising a new wine, or overseeing the new Tom Tom project.

Talk about switching it up: there’s hardly a moment in her life when she’s not totally engaged in one challenge or another. What do you think about Lisa always looking to engage in a situation that switches things up a bit? Could you cope so graciously with her busy lifestyle? Be sure to check back with Soap Dirt often for more news about Lisa Vanderpump and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.