‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lisa Vanderpump Hosts Las Vegas Massacre Fundraiser

Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump issued an invitation via her Instagram on Sunday night (September 30). She notified people that she will host a fundraiser at “@pumprestaurant in WestHollywood on October 1” for the victims of the Las Vegas Massacre. Notably, the fundraiser comes on the first anniversary of the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Nevada’s Las Vegas strip. In fact, Stephen Paddock, aged 64, used up over a thousand bullets as he fired randomly into a crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival. More than 800 people were injured and 58 people died.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ matriarch to raise funds

Lisa Vanderpump has her TV show, Vanderpump Rules, and it revolves around the staff and goings on at her popular restaurants and bars. In her invitation to the fundraiser, she notes that the event will be filmed. Obviously, it’s likely that the event will attract a lot of customers. But, she noted that those people unable to attend may still donate via the Route91Strong website.  All the proceeds go directly to the not for profit organization.

Part of the evening will involve Vegas’ Noelle Chiodo singing her tribute song that honors the dead. (Actually, 58 of them are the Angels honored. The deceased shooter was the 59th death). The song will follow a one-minute silence to remember the victims at the exact moment the massacre took place.


Las Vegas victims remembered by Lisa Vanderpump and her followers

Many of Lisa Vanderpump’s followers thought it was a very nice gesture. Some of them know some victims personally, so they really liked what the Vanderpump Rules star is doing. @tanyatcw3 wrote, “I have a survivor friend. 5 surgeries later and he [and his] wife are okay. Poor kids didn’t get to see their parents okay for quite some time!” Meanwhile, @higginscathleen added, “You are so wonderful. Thanks for doing the difficult stuff even when you don’t have too. Especially protecting the most vulnerable animals out there. ❤️❤️”

A mother of one of those people at the concert in Las Vegas noted how touching Lisa’s fundraiser and remembrance is. @jenncoppin wrote, “My daughter was in the venue when the shooting happened. Thank you for your support for this tragic event. She always says she wants to go eat at your restaurant.” Lisa also got praise from @peterjfabiano, who commented, “You are a fantastic woman @lisavanderpump you should be very proud of your accomplishments ?.” Actually, for Lisa admirers, one commenter, @blameitoncarlos, summed up why they enjoy her so much. They posted, “This is why you hold supreme my dear. You never tend to the petty nonsense, but always know where to put your effort and time in for a greater good and cause!”

Fans moved to tears

Some of those people who live in Las Vegas spoke about how Lisa’s efforts moved them to tears. Decidedly, the general feeling from those residents is that Lisa is doing something blessed and beautiful. So many people not able to attend the fundraiser sent in their best wishes. They noted how badly they would love to attend the event. Others jokingly asked for more time to apply for a passport, as they rued the fact they couldn’t be there.

What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump’s plans to raise funds and remember the victims of the Las Vegas massacre? If you live in Vegas, will you try and go? Stay in touch with news about Lisa Vanderpump and her reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules. Remember to check in with Soap Dirt often.