‘Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Cartwright Denies Lip Injections

Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright totally transformed her appearance since Jax Taylor proposed to her. According to their social media posts, they both worked hard to lose weight and get fit. Brittany just wants to look perfect for her wedding.

People magazine reported that she lost a stunning “25 lbs. as she preps for her upcoming wedding to fiancé and castmate Jax Taylor.” Fans of the show watch her progress with awe. Luckily for them, Brittany Cartwright enjoys taking and posting up selfies. But one of the latest Instagram pictures had a few fans thinking she had lip injections.

Vanderpump Rules: Brittany Cartwright asked about lip treatment

Brittany took to Instagram on Thursday, August 30, to share a selfie of her with one of their cute little Yorkie dogs. Honestly, she is simply looking gorgeous! Weight loss enhanced her eyes, narrowed her face, and gave her a healthy glow. Dressed in a white top and rocking her giant engagement ring, her perfectly sculpted eyebrows took her into total star quality.

But it was her lips that drew attention. Some people wanted to know the shade of her lipstick, but one follower said what other people may be thinking: “Say you didn’t get lip injections. Noooooo. You are beautiful without that crap.”

Even though Brittany responded to the suggestion she had work done, another follower brought it up again. probably as her lips look perfectly plump.  The follower wrote, “Did you have your lips done?” Yet another, juanip2002, posted, “Noooo the lips too??? Brittany you are soooo beautiful the way you are. Don’t become the next Sheana please, you are too beautiful to ruin it and end up looking like a blow up doll, please don’t !!!”

More followers suspected Brittany got her lips done

Another user felt there was something different about Brittany Cartwright but couldn’t decide if it was around the eyes or the lips. Later, they decided it was “definitely the lips.” She answered the lip questions emphatically and denied having been enhanced. She wrote, “haven’t touched my lips EVER! I lost weight ladies and I have on lipstick. Remember that when you [lose] weight your face shape changes. Don’t automatically assume I had work done ?”

That seemed to end the discussion about Brittany Cartwright’s lips among Vanderpump Rules fans. But then someone else also picked up on it in a slightly different way. It’s not clear if they were talking about her lips, or something else, but it was a valid point. @kosullivan34 said it was starting to “freak” them out the way she looks so different in her appearance over time. They added that she was “simply stunning from the beginning and you still are. You are incredibly lovely so please proceed with caution -K.”

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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright – Vanderpump Rules unlikely love story

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s up and down relationship seemed settled by December last year. Tears are now something in the past for Brittany. Several issues over Jax’s cheating had fans of Vanderpump Rules angry with him. One of the worst ended with Brittany in tears when Faith Stowers claimed she might be pregnant by Jax. But the pair, who both work at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant moved on and seem to be the happily-ever-after story of the reality TV show.

Brittany Cartwright is obviously in love and transformed herself before our eyes to look good for her wedding. What do you think about her transformation? More to the point, looking at the photo of Brittany, do you think she had lip injections? Stay up to date with your favorite Vanderpump Rules stars by checking back with Soap Dirt often.