‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Welcomes New Family Member

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza welcomed a new member to her family. She and her daughter, Ava Schenzel, couldn’t wait to meet the latest addition.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Gets New Puppy

Chloe Mendoza recently revealed that her family is getting a little bigger. The Unexpected young mom’s grandparents are getting a puppy. She and her relatives are no strangers to having a pet. They already have a dog. But, it seems like they were ready to add another puppy to the mix. Chloe said that she is “very excited” about her grandparents’ new addition. Her daughter, Ava Schenzel, will also have a new furry friend to play with.

According to the Unexpected reality star, her grandparents are getting a small dog. Chloe Mendoza said that they are getting a miniature schnauzer. These dogs don’t grow too big and make for great pets. They are also energetic and courageous little dogs. They even come in a variety of colors. But, it seems like Chloe’s grandma and grandpa fell in love with a black mini schnauzer.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza - Ava Schenzel

Chloe & Family Struggle to Name New Member

Chloe Mendoza’s grandparents knew the puppy would be a great addition to their family. However, the Unexpected alum said they are having a hard time deciding what to call the new member. According to Chloe, no one can pick a name. She said that they have come up with a few. So far, her family has narrowed it down to Hercules and Bruno. But, Chloe said that her grandfather likes the names, Rocky and Spencer.

Before settling on a name, Chloe Mendoza from Unexpected took her little girl, Ava Schenzel, to see the latest addition to their family. She also had her boyfriend, Ian, tag along for the visit. Ava loved the little puppy. In a clip of Ava meeting her furry friend, she had a massive smile on her face. She also played with the puppy by running around with it. Ava even put it in a carriage and pushed it around the house.

Unexpected: Ava Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb’s Daughter Ava Shows off Athletic Skills

Chloe Mendoza’s child, Ava Schenzel, seems to be a dog person. But, she also enjoys trying out different activities. Chloe recently took a video of Ava learning how to play baseball. Ava learned how to swing a bat and hit a ball. She was even taught how to run to different bases after hitting the ball. For being a beginner, she had some impressive athletic skills. Chloe might have an athlete on her hands.

The Unexpected TLC star previously shared Ava Schenzel’s artistic skills. Chloe Mendoza and Ava had a little mommy and daughter time painting. They had a great time being creative. Chloe thought her little girl had good painting skills for her age. However, Ava didn’t like painting once it became too messy. According to Chloe, her kid is a neat freak. So, playing sports might not be a good idea after all, since Ava doesn’t like getting dirty.

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