‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Opens up about Relationship Status – Is She Dating Again?

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza opened up to fans about her relationship status. Since she and Max Schenzel called it quits. And fans want to know if she’s moved on with someone new. Is Chloe dating again?

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel Split Up

Chloe Mendoza and the father of her daughter Max Schenzel shared their stories as teen parents on TLC’s Unexpected. The young parents seemed happy as a little family of three. However, that all changed when Max started to deal with an addiction to drugs. Chloe tried to stay by his side. But, her mother made it hard for her to be with Max, and that caused a lot of issues.

The Unexpected cast members are now no longer together. Chloe Mendoza got fed up with Max Schenzel’s behavior. Although, it does seem like the two are trying to co-parent their daughter Ava together. Since their breakup, Chloe has been focusing on bettering her future by attending college. On the other hand, Max has been working on his sobriety by living in a sober house.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel - Chloe Mendoza

Chloe Leaves TLC Show

Last year, Chloe Mendoza told fans that there is a possibility that she won’t be returning to reality TV. She said that she and her family are done with the show. There were aspects of being on Unexpected that she didn’t like. In particular the editing of her storyline. However, Chloe said that she is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the show. She said that by being a part of the cast, she was given opportunities that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Yet, Unexpected’s Chloe Mendoza never confirmed her departure from the show. She only hinted that she would be leaving. However, Max Schenzel told fans that they would not be returning for another season. He said that Chloe didn’t want to film anymore, even though he did. But, there have been rumors online that the two might be shooting an update segment for the show. However, no further details have been confirmed.

Unexpected: TLC Celeb No Longer Single?

Chloe Mendoza recently opened up to her followers about her current dating life. Max Schenzel was hopeful that he and his baby mama would get back together. However, that doesn’t seem likely anymore. A fan was curious to know if Chloe was dating someone new. She told the fan that she is. But, she didn’t say much about her new love interest. She only teased fans with a small picture that was hard to see of the two of them.

The Unexpected reality star won’t be sharing much about her new lover anytime soon. Chloe Mendoza said it was her choice to have her life made public on social media and TV and not his. So, to respect his privacy and their relationship, she will not be sharing anything about him. Despite not knowing much, fans are happy to see Chloe find love again.

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