TLC ‘The Family Chantel’ Leak: Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Back for Season 2 with Feuding Families

A new The Family Chantel leak says Pedro Jimeno plus Chantel Everett, and the rest of her family are back for another installment of the TLC spinoff. These families promise drama for the network. So, it’s no surprise they’re back again soon. Plus, the family feud between Pedro and Chantel’s kin keeps viewers watching. What do we know so far about the upcoming episodes?

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno & Chantel Everett Back for More

No premiere date’s confirmed yet. But, with current 90 Day Fiance episodes airing now and another Before the 90 Days season on the way, it’s likely viewers can catch up with Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s wild family within the next six months. The first season of the TLC spinoff aired while another season of 90 Day Fiance was on.

So, it’s also possible TLC may do something similar this time around. A popular 90 Day Fiance Instagrammer updated followers with the new season info. A leak “confirmed” that another new season of the spinoff’s on the way. While they didn’t reveal their source, this leak seems quite likely. So, TLC viewers can expect another installment of the spinoff – just wait for the promos to roll out.

The Family Chantel: Instagram

More Drama for the Feuding Families?

There’s always drama for the families of Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. As last season ended, Pedro offered an olive branch. Then, he invited Chantel Everett’s family to meet his grandmother and see where he grew up. But, they didn’t like the food and declined the invite to spend the night. So, even though this meeting of the families didn’t come to blows, it was still less than ideal in terms of mending fences.

In addition, Pedro Jimeno still wants to bring his family to America. Yet, he tried to keep these plans hidden from Chantel Everett. But, Pedro needs Chantel’s help to make it happen. Meanwhile, Karen and Thomas Everett think Pedro Jimeno’s relatives were only being nice to get their chance to come to the US. So, there’s still a lot of mistrust there as far as the families go.

What Happens Next for Chantel and Husband Pedro’s Families?

There is a lot of split speculation surrounding Pedro Jimeno and nurse Chantel Everett. Pedro doesn’t always wear his wedding band in updates online. Meanwhile, Chantel Everett recently graduated from nursing school. She threw a nightclub party to celebrate the milestone. But, hubby Pedro Jimeno was a no-show for Chantel’s big night.

In addition, both Chantel Everett and spouse Pedro Jimeno are MIA from each other’s Insta posts. Because, Pedro Jimeno takes gym selfies and pics of himself out and about. But, there’s hardly any shots with his wife. Meanwhile, it’s the same on her IG. However, we know Chantell Everett went to a Christmas party with Pedro Jimeno. So, maybe the split chatter’s just to drum up interest in another season.

With another season of The Family Chantel in the works, this could be all about stirring drama to get people to tune in. Either way, it looks like there will be more from Pedro Jimeno, his often-irritated wife Chantel Everett, her family and his mom and sister.

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