‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Jimeno Not Wearing Wedding Ring – Is He Still With Chantel?

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno sparked rumors of problems with Chantel Everett. Pedro has been seen out not wearing his wedding ring on multiple occasions. This has led to talk that there’s still trouble in paradise between him and Chantel.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno – Missing Wedding Ring Sparks Split Rumors

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett continue to face split talks months after their own spinoff wrapped. The Family Chantel couple had their fair share of ups and downs as seen on the show. Although fans saw good progress between the couple during the series finale, that doesn’t stop chatter about a possible separation.

Just recently, Pedro intensified split reports after he was spotted without his wedding band. In a series of mirror selfies, Pedro’s ring finger was noticeably empty. 90 Day Fiance fans quickly jumped to a conclusion that they both called it quits. The Family Chantel married couple rarely talked or post about each other on social media as well.

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90 Day Fiance: Pedro & Chantel Everett Shoot Down Breakup Rumors – Attend TLC Event Together

However, Pedro Jimeno and wife Chantel Everett made it clear that they’re still together. The Family Chantel stars attended TLC’s holiday party, trying to put an end to all speculations. The two looked nothing short of a happy couple as they posed in front of the camera.

Prior to their latest outing, Pedro Jimeno also shared a photo of himself with his wedding ring back on his finger. Despite all that, some still think that the couple is still having a hard time dealing with their issues, particularly involving their families.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett

The Two Families ‘Still Can’t Stand’ Each Other

According to reports, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s families remain at odds with each other. Apparently, the two familes “still can’t stand” each other’s family. This is despite their multiple attempts to smooth things out.

Apparently, Pedro’s mother Lidia Morel and sister Nicole Jimeno Morel rarely talk with Chantel’s family. Sources close to the The Family Chantel reveal the two families rarely talk to each other. It was also revealed that Pedro Jimeno’s main goal right now is to bring is mother and sister to America, despite his wife’s opposition.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Is Dead Set On Bringing Family To America

It was reported that Pedro Jimeno is looking into the possibility of migrating his Nicole Jimeno Morel (his sister) and Lidia Morel (his mother) into the U.S. Pedro is eager to relocate his family so that they can all live together. However, an immigration lawyer explained that Chantel Everett will have a say on her in-laws’ entry into the country.

Apparently, Pedro Jimeno couldn’t do much about his family’s migration without his wife’s support. But Chantel made it very clear that she has no plans to help Lidia and Nicole. Pedro’s wife said there’s no way she’ll open up her home to them, especially with the way they’ve been treating her.

So far, it seems like Pedro and Chantel are still together. Of course, it could be to keep their TLC spin-off alive. No word on the show’s second season yet so fans will have to keep an eye out for that.

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