’90 Day Fiance’ Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story – The Weave Snatching Brawl

90 Day Fiance fans love Pedro Jimeno and wife Chantel Everett. So, Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story is required watching. These fan-faves will be on Happily Ever After then their own TLC spinoff. The Family Chantel debuts in July and HEA starts this Sunday. If you missed Season 4, are a new viewer (or just can’t get enough), here’s a glimpse.

90 Day Fiance – Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story – Lies From the Start

Back in season 4 of 90 Day Fiance, Atlanta cheerleading teacher Chantel Everett scored a proposal on her third trip to the Dominican Republic. Pedro Jimeno met Chantel Everett thanks to a mutual friend who encouraged him to tutor her in Spanish. So, She brought him to the US on a K1 visa. Their season started with him about to come to America.

The big deal was that her family had no idea about the K1. She lied and told them he was coming on a student visa. So the 90 Day Fiance clock was ticking with her family in the dark. It was less than a week before they had to get hitched before Pedro Jimeno and his fiance told her family.

Meet Family Chantel – Stunned Americans Find Out About Engagement

Fans of 90 Day Fiance will enjoy the look back on Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story to the roots of some epic memes and phrases. One of which is “Family Chantel”. Thanks to the ESOL barrier, that is how Pedro Jimeno refers to his in-laws as do his sister and mother (who are drama in their own right).

Chantel’s mom Karen Everett and dad Thomas Everett are stunned when they get the ASAP wedding news. Chantel Everett’s brother River Everett was totally floored over his big sis lying to him. Her family insists on a pre-nup and she and Pedro Jimeno get married in a park by family friend Bishop Watson on 90 Day Fiance. Her BFF Gege did a nice job with little notice to set up the ceremony.

90 Day Fiance: Another Wedding in The Dominican Republic

About a year later, Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story picks up with her and her man preparing for wedding number two. They and Family Chantel are heading to the DR to have a ceremony there in Pedro Jimeno’s home country. There are some flashbacks of his mom Lidia and sister Nicole railing over the pre-nup and calling the Everetts stupid.

There’s also more 90 Day Fiance footage of her frustration that Nicole and Lidia’s standard of living is rising rapidly. Pedro sends money back home constantly and they have a big nice three bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, Chantel Everett’s bed is practically in her kitchen sink in their Atlanta studio apartment.

The Chicken Foot Controversy – Voodoo Accusations

Then on 90 Day Fiance, Family Chantel including Karen, Thomas, River and Chantel’s sister Winter Everett are in the Dominican Republic. Lidia Jimeno cooks up a batch of chicken feet and expects the Everett’s to dive in. They refuse and mama Karen thinks it looks like spare parts from a voodoo ritual.

That’s after Nicole and Lidia complain that Pedro Jimeno didn’t hand deliver a flat-screen TV and dive into the stacks of goodies he bought them. Meanwhile, Chantel Everett says she had to beg him for a wedding ring. Karen doesn’t want food made by a woman who hates them. Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story rehashes the prenup debacle.

Voodoo Take Two – Who Let the Dogs Out on 90 Day Fiance

After The Family Chantel storms out, she tells her mother-in-law the pollo feet offended and reminds her she’s never served them to her before. On 90 Day Fiance, Lidia says they don’t eat that and laughs wickedly. Another day, both families pack into a van for a tense five-hour drive to the family farm in a remote area to meet Pedro Jimeno’s Abuela.

Once there, the Everetts freak and refuse to leave the safety of the van. Many sketchy dogs roam loose and there is literally a brewing cauldron. Karen starts up again with her voodoo concerns. Grandma Enilda wants to meet them but they won’t get out. Dad Thomas says the militia lives out there. It’s 90 Day Fiance drama people!

Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story – The Infamous Name Calling Incident

At the farm, the couple was on another 90 Day Fiance season at this point. Chantel Everett admitted her family doesn’t understand the humble conditions there compared to life in America. Family Chantel thinks Pedro’s family is cashing in on the marriage. They make nice with granny Emilda at the wedding and it’s a lovely ceremony.

This special 90 Day Fiance episode features the infamous name-calling incident with Lidia, Nicole, and Chantel. If you missed it (or want to see it again), Pedro’s mom and sis were going off on Chantel Everett. So, she snapped, called his sister a b*tch *ss sl*t *ss wh*re, and spawned memes, Instagram accounts and achieved legendary status in one mad moment.

90 Day Fiance: An Unwelcome Visitor

Back in the US, Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story picks up with Pedro Jimeno and his wife in a slightly larger apartment (still half the size of his mom and sister’s place). Pedro wants to send a giant TV to his family but it will cost $1k to ship. She still feels like he’s putting their needs first and giving them way too much money.

Plus Chantel is mad that he bought his villainous sister Nicole a plane ticket to come visit without talking to her first. Picking up Nicole at the airport, she’s now in braces, no doubt paid for by his brother. She refuses to sleep on the nice comfy couch they bought new for her, disses Chantel Everett and flounces out, with Pedro Jimeno taking her side.

The Salad-Slapping Brawl at House of Chantel

Another big moment for 90 Day Fiance fans to relive on Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story is the epic weave ripping fight at the house of Family Chantel. His sister Nicole lies about the way she sassed Chantel Everett. Did she not see the cameras filming her? Pedro Jimeno needs to review the footage as he again takes his sister’s side.

This devolves into him going at brother River Everett and a full-on fight. Skinny Nicole wedges in to cat scratch Chantel’s brother. Salad is slapped around, the table is kicked, and Chantel Everett winds up bawling in her sister Winter’s arms. She ditches Pedro Jimeno for two days, comes home at last, and he tells her Nicole went back to the DR. Good riddance.

So Much Family Chantel Ahead for 90 Day Fiance Fans

After all this, Pedro Jimeno feels all alone in America and his esposa feels like he’ll never put her first. The pair talked divorce but obviously, it never went that route. What’s clear from watching Pedro and Chantel: The Full Story is that they are like dessert. There is always room for more of them and The Family Chantel.

For TLC hot mess reality show fans, this is a big week. You can catch up on TLC GO, then there’s Pedro and Chantel action starting Sunday on HEA and then the spinoff featuring them and the family kicks off in July 2019. So pop your corn, set your DVR, and get ready to watch it all get real (or as real as anything on TLC gets).

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