‘This Is Us’: New Clue Shows Toby Damon, Kate Pearson May Be Doomed

This Is Us spoilers are coming out and fans are shocked that it appears that Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) and Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) might not make it. This couple seems like a perfect match, but as fans know they never do anything on this show that doesn’t mean something. Recently, there was a scene where Toby wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. So what could this mean?

The clue on This Is Us from Toby Damon

This new season is really getting fans already. The first episode of This Is Us talked about someone they called “her.” Well, in episodes two and three they didn’t go into that as much. Instead, a few other questions are coming up.

The scene that is kinda crazy was where Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) called Toby to ask if he was coming down. In this scene, viewers noticed that Toby did not have on a wedding band. The fact that Kate Pearson and Toby are married at some point and now he isn’t in the future is something everyone noticed.

So did Kate Pearson pass away or did the happy couple get a divorce? Well, for now, viewers will just have to wait and see because This Is Us always tries to keep secrets. It does sound like Kate is still alive because Randall told Toby “She wants you to be there.” He did then agree to go down, whatever that means.

So what does this all mean for Toby Damon and Kate Pearson?

This Is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker explained a few of the details. As always he reminds fans that This Is Us never does something without it meaning something. They put a lot of heart and soul into these episodes.

“Well, you could read that he’s no longer married. You could also read that it’s uncomfortable to sleep in a ring.” Then executive producer Elizabeth Berger said, “We know our fans, and that they watch really carefully, and we make our decisions really carefully, so people are noticing the right things to notice.” Creator Dan Fogelman added, “We don’t do anything unintentionally.” That is for sure.

There are always clues on This Is Us and you have to watch carefully for them. If you miss a big clue, just search the Internet and everyone will be talking about it. People do think a lot about what happens. The thing is they just have to wait around to see if they are right.

Make sure that you don’t miss the new episodes of This Is Us on NBC. They are on Tuesday nights every week. Fans had to wait all summer for this show to finally return with new episodes.

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