‘This is Us’: Return Date Revealed – Midseason Break Not a Popular Phenomenon

This is Us is not a very elaborate name for a show but what it lacks for in title pizazz it certainly makes up for in popularity. Episode 10 from This is Us Season 4 is the next new episode due out. But that’s not until after the series finishes up their midseason break. Once episode 9 ended, the episodes stopped rolling out due to that modern-day midseason break.

This Is Us: It’s All in the Way You Look at a Hiatus

It looks like This is Us is a hit show outside of the US as well. It sounds as if it gathered a fan base across the pond in the UK. While TV watchers in the US have gotten used to the midseason break for TV series, it seems that’s not the case for the Brits.

The Walking Dead is one popular US show that got fans accustomed to the new television phenomenon of that midseason break. Traditionally when a television show rolled out a new season, it continued weekly until the season aired all episodes. But that’s slowly changing and this NBC series is one of those shows making that change.

In recent years the interruption in a season gave way to the term midseason break. It was a term coined to explain the sudden break in the season, like what fans see in This Is Us.

American TV Tactics New To UK Viewers

Americans know very well what a midseason break is after enduring those planned interruptions for a few years now on several US shows. But it looks like it’s fairly new to the people in Britain.

This isn’t the first time This Is Us took the liberty of a midseason break. NBC did the same thing with previous seasons of the show. Still, fans don’t have to like it.

From the looks of the many comments online, it appears they don’t. It looks like Americans and the British have this in common. They’re not fans of the midseason break.


This Is Us: Returns With Season 4 Episode 10

It seems the popularity of the show, This Is Us, prompted showrunners to make a trailer for the returning episode. The trailer offers a warning that it contains spoilers. So if you want to watch the episode without a hint of things to come, you might want to skip the trailer.

It looks like this popular series returns from their hiatus on January 14. The promo entices the show’s fans by revealing how a  special guest will appear in the new episode.

Along with that “special guest,” they also promise an “unbelievable moment” in the promo. From what the trailer reveals it looks like Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) and Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) share that “special moment.”

In the trailer Kate confronts the doubts she’s having about their relationship. So is this that special moment promised? It looks like fans from both the US and UK will need to tune into NBC for a new episode of This Is Us on January 14 when the show returns from that dreaded hiatus.

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