‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Funeral for Jesus, Hello Whisperers and Maggie Returns

The Walking Dead is back soon but Jesus (Tom Payne) won’t be rising from the dead (or undead). The mid-season finale left TWD viewers with jaws on the floor. Alpha (Samantha Morton) and her terrifying group of Whisperers closed in on Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Aaron (Ross Marquand), and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) as they tried to escape the creepy graveyard.

Michonne (Danai Gurira), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and Magna (Nadia Hilker) try to rescue them but they are no match for their new enemies. The end of the episode has Jesus murdered by a Whisperer as the rest surround them. They are outnumbered, but we know they survive as the The Walking Dead previews for season B show the gang at Jesus’ funeral.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Maggie Rhee Back for Jesus Funeral

The Walking Dead spoilers report showrunner Angela Kang, said in an interview that viewers will see what happens to all that showed up “in the cemetery.” Once the showdown with The Whisperers ends, we’ll see the survivors among the mourners at Jesus’ funeral, including fan-favorites like Maggie Thee (Lauren Cohan).

How long she’ll stay on The Walking Dead is another issue. Her brand-new show, Whiskey Cavalier, is starting soon, so it’s likely she’s only around for the funeral. At the very least, we’ll see some juicy backstory unfold between Michonne, Maggie, Daryl Dixon, and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). As Maggie left Hilltop without even letting Michonne and Alexandrians know.

Her absence forced Jesus to take on her leadership role, and now he’s dead. Maggie at least owes the people at Hilltop an apology (for abandoning them). Can’t wait to see what Baby Hershel looks like — thanks to the huge time jump; and also what Maggie thinks of Judith (Caily Fleming) and how badass she’s become.

Also, now. we’ll see Tara (Alanna Masterson) step up to possibly become the leader of Hilltop on The Walking Dead. There’s really no one more fit to take this role other than Tara, and she will have to help the Hilltop set up one hell of a defense against attacks from the Whisperers.

Up close with the enemy

Fans will get to know much more about the new threat, The Whisperers, this episode… maybe a little too much. With their leader, Alpha and her zombie crew lurking in the woods waiting to for the perfect time to attack our TWD favorites, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, and their respective kingdoms will be in for a rude awakening. SoapDirt sources reveal the Whisperers will meet The Walking Dead communities at their doorsteps, and there will definitely be casualties.

Hostage exchange

The Walking Dead sources say Michonne takes Lydia, Alpha’s daughter (Cassady McClincy) hostage, and Alpha brings some of The Whisperers to the Hilltop when she demands to get Lydia back. One of those hostages will be Luke (Dan Fogler). The other may be Enid’s boyfriend, Alden (Callan McAuliffe). Not sure if these hostages survive, but we know that  Daryl assists in the hostage exchange by confronting the Whisperers.

After Lydia leaves with some of the Whisperers, Henry (Matt Lintz) will follow her. The Walking Dead  spoilers show he winds up at the Whisperer camp and is held as a captive.  Carol goes nuts; straight into Mama Bear mode.  She can’t stand to lose another child. Daryl Dixon will go on the hunt for Henry.

Wearing a “walker suit” from a dead Whisperer, Daryl will infiltrate the Whisperer’s campsite.

Alpha, Beta madness

Lots of walkers approach the Hilltop because they are drawn by the sounds of a crying baby that belongs to the Whisperers. Alpha demands the Whisperers leave the baby at the Hilltop since it’s attracting the walkers. The Whisperer parent leaves the baby on the ground defenseless and walks away as directed. Thankfully, Connie comes out and rescues it before the walkers can get to it.

At the camp, The Walking Dead fans get to know more about the hierarchy of the Whisperer camp.  We know Alpha is the leader, but she also has a second in command – Beta ( played by Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy). Most of the Whisperers share some form of a Greek name.

Alpha orders a beheading of one of her female Whisperers. Sources say her name is either Delta or Zeta and she will beg for her life. But Alpha insists on her beheading. She is strangled and then beheaded. Zeta’s lover is forced to watch as Alpha’s #2, Beta, restrains him. Alpha presents Zeta’s head to the rest of her Whisperers, then she stabs the man to death. Not only are the Whisperers crazy – donning skinsuits and living with walkers – but they have no qualms getting rid of their own. And we thought Negan was bad…

Negan reborn

Speaking of Negan… since he’s escaped, fans have got to expect him to be causing damage somewhere, somehow. The Walking Dead trailer show him back at The Sanctuary, so maybe he’ll attempt to put his own “kingdom” back together before he heads out for revenge.  According to Kang, Negan “goes on an adventure of his own.” This season’s Negan will be unlike anything we’re used to from him.  Years in jail practically reformed him/damn near broke him.  He came face-to-face with his vulnerabilities, and what came from that is still a mystery. He’s not the same Negan, and there’s no way to know what he’ll do next.

Alpha versus Negan

In The Walking Dead graphic novel, after Negan breaks free, he heads for the Whisperer camp. He tries to negotiate a deal with them where he works with them to get revenge against Rick and the survivors, but later decides against it. Instead, after a dispute with Alpha, Negan kills her and brings her head back to Rick.  It is quite a scene and fans are hoping it plays out the same way on-screen.

It’s hard to believe Negan would have considered joining The Whisperers. They seem too weird — even for him. But after Alpha confronts Negan for stopping a rape, Negan realizes that he and this group are on two different wavelengths. Apparently, rape is a huge part of the Whisperers culture/cult, and Negan is completely against it. When he intervenes to stop it, Alpha rebukes his subordination and well, that is the beginning of the end… Alpha pays the price, and Negan wins again.  When he brings that head to Rick, it’s like his bargaining chip for more of Rick’s trust. In his mind, Negan has proven he can be trusted because he is taking out the survivors’ enemies. Maybe this is the way his story will play out onscreen as well.

The Walking Dead returns February 10. Check back with Soap Dirt often for all the latest The Walking Dead news and spoilers.