The Walking Dead Spoilers: Negan Begs Maggie To Kill Him – Lauren Cohan Exits TWD

The Walking Dead spoilers from a set leak reveal Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) begs Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) to kill him on tonight’s episode. Although TWD fans are fully focused on tonight’s episode being Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) last, it might also be the last time we see Maggie. Here’s what we dug up on tonight’s big show.

The Walking Dead spoilers – Maggie Rhee Leaves – Lauren Cohan out

TWD spoilers are so focused on Andrew Lincoln leaving and Rick Grimes’ exit, they’ve forgotten that Maggie Rhee is also slated to leave the AMC show. With Lauren’s upcoming cop series, Whiskey Cavalier, in production at ABC and premiering in early 2019, she may be done already and exiting tonight along with Rick.

Sources that track actor activity down on The Walking Dead set in Georgia say that Lauren Cohan left Atlanta about the same time as Andrew Lincoln. She has scenes confirmed through TWD episode 5 and may have some scenes in episode 6, but that’s it. However, as far as our soures tell us, Rick and Maggie do not leave together but in simultaneous separate exits.

TWD Spoilers – Negan Ready to Die, Begs Maggie

Maggie’s trigger to exit will center on her confrontation with Negan. The Walking Dead spoilers confirm that in tonight’s episode, “What Comes After”, she gets the chance to kill Negan. Maggie wants Negan to pay (at last) for his brutal killing of Glenn Rhee (Steve Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz).

Maggie is on her way to Alexandria with the crowbar in her hand ready to enact justice. Rick is upset she’s headed there and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) tried to slow him from interfering on the last episode. However, it looks like Negan will have his day of reckoning but it won’t go quite as Maggie expects.

Michonne Stands Aside, Lets Maggie Have Negan

The Walking Dead spoilers from episode leaks say that Michonne (Danai Gurira) debates Maggie but then stands aside and lets Maggie have Negan. Although Michonne and Rick believe he should be jailed rather than martyred, ultimately, she caves and stands down. This gives Maggie access to Negan so she can enact her revenge fantasy.

Maggie wants to kill Negan. She hanged Gregory (Xander Berkeley) so TWD fans know she can do this, but will she? When she confronts him, Negan isn’t surprised. He says he can’t believe she waited this long. But then Negan shifts things. He gets on his knees and tells her to kill him. When she doesn’t, he resorts to begging and says he is ready to go be with his dead wife.

To Kill or Not to Kill – Walking Dead Spoilers

Maggie decides to hear Negan out which fans may say is a big mistake. Negan starts going on about his dead wife again – as he did in S9, E4 “The Obliged” with Michonne, and in S8, E5 “The Big Scary U” with Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam). Viewers get to see the sensitive side that Negan only shows to a select few.

Negan says he will welcome death so he can be with his wife. Once Maggie Rhee sees that death would give Negan peace. So… she decides that leaving Negan alive and suffering is the best punishment for him. This could be her last episode since Lauren Cohan is already off shooting her other show.

The Walking Dead spoilers tease she can’t live in a world where Negan is alive. Even though she’s the one that decides not to kill him. Rumor has it that Maggie takes baby Hershel and takes off away from the communities, leaving the possibility of a return at a later date. What do you think about losing both Rick and Maggie in season 9 episode 5? She may have one more episode after tonight on TWD, but maybe not.

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