‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Talks Hooking Up in the Fantasy Suites – Did it Happen?

The Bachelorette spoilers tease talks of Hannah Brown and sex in the fantasy suites. With the hunt to find her future husband on, she was recently interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. In which Hannah sat down with Lauren Zima, who is currently dating The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison. Things eventually turned into discussions on her faith and fantasy suites.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown’s Final Four Men

Hannah Brown’s four remaining guys will consist of Luke Parker, Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt and Peter Weber.

Fans know Gainesville native Luke because of his slightly premature confession. He admitted he was falling in love with Hannah two days after meeting her.  Meanwhile, Tyler won favor from Bachelorette fans when he confronted the group date crasher Cam

Jed’s the singer/songwriter from Nashville who rocked Hannah’s world. Which he did while dressed in a speedo and a pair of cowboy boots. And Peter the pilot flew in on a mission to win the 24-year-old’s heart.

Sex, Faith and the Fantasy Suites

Bachelorette Hannah Brown says that her faith is extremely important to her. So, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she admitted it was hard balancing sex and fantasy suites. Even going as far as to use the word “struggle” to define it. But she did not flat out say whether or not anything happened with any of the guys in the suites.

Fantasy suites and religion are not easy to mix together, but Hannah has embraced her sexuality by stating, “I had sex and Jesus still loves me!” And she hopes it will be an inspiration to other girls in similar positions dealing with their faith and being intimate with their partners.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Did Hannah Brown Have Sex While in the Fantasy Suite?

Hannah Brown’s contract does not allow her to reveal details of future shows, most fans think her answer points to yes. Because of the way she talked about balancing faith and sexuality in the ET interview, Bachelorette fans think she’s saying that she did indeed hook up with someone in the Fantasy Suite. Well, without directly saying it. To see what happens in the fantasy suites, watch The Bachelorette on Mondays at 8pm.

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