‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah B Hopeful Has 114 Kids and Doesn’t Pay Child Support

The Bachelorette contestant Matteo Valles comes to the show with a unique claim to fame as a man who’s fathered 114 kids via a sperm bank. While he actually doesn’t have dad duty when it comes to the hundred plus kids he helped create, he is their biological father. And he doesn’t even have to pay child support for all the offspring sharing his DNA out there. It seems this The Bachelorette hopeful stands in the spotlight as many of the talk shows and news shows picked up his story this week.

The Bachelorette: Matteo Valles – Baby Daddy to the Masses

At 25, Matteo’s sperm donations have helped many different families grow. He’s a management consultant but he donates to the sperm bank “on the side,” claims the man who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Before calling Atlanta his home, The Bachelorette hopeful spent his years growing up in both Austria and Kenya. The 30 men who make up the contestants this season all come with some type of special feat accomplished or a special skill all their own. But it looks like Matteo has them all beat when it comes to the number of children they have.

Hannah Brown, AKA Hannah B, is the one whom contestants try to win over this season. But only time will tell how she feels about Matteo’s huge donation to the human race. Many see Matteo’s tendency to help families have kids as commendable, according to a new report. But will The Bachelorette see it that way? She’s got a lot of talented guys to pick from besides this father of many. One contestant walked across a 300-foot canyon in Utah on a tight rope as their memorable feat in life so far. Yet another is a big Justin Bieber fan.

Populating the Planet

Besides working overtime to populate the planet, Matteo’s The Bachelorette bio offers a few other interesting things. For instance, he can down a gallon of milk in 10 seconds. The hunk from Atlanta also has a bucket list and one of the things he has listed denotes romance. This Bachelorette contestant wants to take a date to a ball that is held inside a real castle.

When asked if he could have any other job other than the one he has now, his answer – a firefighter. Matteo Valles is described as the “strong” and “silent” type by The Bachelorette promos. Hannah B will have her hands full when it comes time to weed out these 30 hunks by process of elimination down to one special guy. At the end of the night on the preview episode, Hannah will already weed them down to 22 possible soul mates.

The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown

The Bachelorette has a little help this season. For the first time in the history of the Bachelor series of shows, a surveillance van will stay parked outside the mansion that houses the Bachelorette contestants. Manning the surveillance for Hannah Brown is Demi Burnett and Katie Morton, aka Hannah’s Angels.

You might remember both Demi and Katie from Bachelor Season 23. So what will these ladies pull from their technology-filled surveillance van? Wouldn’t Hannah like to know and from the way that ABC describes this new addition of I-Spy-like surveillance, she will. It sounds like Hannah will be privy to the intel collected by these ladies to help her along her journey. The romance competition premieres Monday night May 13 on ABC.

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