‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Eliminates Luke Parker

The Bachelorette spoilers indicate Hannah Brown will eliminate Luke Parker. He won’t make it after all. According to reports, the Florida native will not win Hannah’s heart. Apparently, the former Miss Alabama won’t see a future with him.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown & Luke Parker Beginnings 

Hannah Brown and Luke Parker will initially begin the season smitten. The Bachelorette first met the former college baseball player during After the Final Rose. Their love will appear promising in the beginning. However, at some point Hannah will decide he isn’t the one. 

During the season, Luke Parker will be a front runner. The two will appear to be a match made in Heaven. They are both avid Bible readers, and love sports. In addition, they both have ties to Alabama. The Bachelorette spoilers showed Luke would have a strong start.

Hannah Sends Luke Parker Packing

The first impression rose winner will not win The Bachelorette’s last impression. Therefore, another contestant will be a better match. Obviously, something will trigger Hannah Brown’s compatibility monitor. 

The Bachelor will make it to the top three. But he will not survive overnight dates. Previous The Bachelorette spoilers revealed fans spotted the couple in Santorini, Greece. It was during the fantasy suite episode. 

The Bachelorette appeared to be happy in pictures of course. But, behind her beauty pageant smile was Luke Parker’s fate. Bye, bye Mr. Parker.

First Impression Rose Theory Debunked

Past seasons of The Bachelorette reveal first impression rose recipients usually win. But, not this time. For the first time in five seasons, that won’t be true. While Luke Parker will be granted the first impression rose, he won’t win the girl.

So, for future seasons the first rose recipient may not necessarily be the one. The Bachelorette viewers previously believed in the fate of the rose. But, now the theory will be proven untrue. Hannah beast will be Hannah the theory buster.

Stay tuned to ABC and watch what Hannah Brown does next. Monday nights at 8:00 pm.

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