‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett and Katie Morton Spy on Hannah Brown’s Men

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Demi Burnett and Katie Morton will start a new tradition during season 15. Hannah Brown‘s Bachelor besties will be stationed in an undercover van outside the mansion. Which is where they’ll be spying on all 30 of Hannah’s eligible bachelors on premiere night. Hopefully, the super-sleuthing women will be able to warn Hannah Brown. Especially if they spot any red flags!

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Ladies By Day – Hannah Brown’s Spies By Night

While they failed to win Colton Underwood’s heart, both Katie Morton and Demi Burnett are embarking on a new mission. These lovely ladies will be taking up the positions as Hannah Brown’s secret service. They will be parked in a van somewhere near the mansion on The Bachelorette premiere. This is a first for the Bachelor franchise and its super exciting!

Demi Burnett along with Katie Morton are going to make sure each Bachelorette suitor is good enough for Hannah Brown. But the former bachelorettes are also probably going to weed out all of the duds. Then report back to the leading lady. It will be fun to see the two back in action. Not to mention the hilarious commentary Katie and Demi are bound to give on each guy.

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Demi Burnett & Katie Morton are Blunt and Unfiltered

During their time on the Bachelorette, Demi and Katie were not known for keeping their thoughts to themselves. Each woman would either flat-out speak their truth or just say whatever they wanted to at the moment. The “Women Tell All” episode being a prime example. Which is why Bachelorette fans are so excited to have them back, even for just one episode.

We all know Katie and Demi are going to give their honest opinion on every single Bachelorette contestant. Whether it be who picks his nose, or who doused himself in AXE body spray right before getting out of the limo. We cannot wait to hear what this hilarious duo will say about this season’s lineup. And what they will tell Hannah Brown.

Bachelorette Spoilers: Are Demi & Katie Heading to Paradise?

Getting to see Demi Burnett and also Katie Morton on The Bachelorette will be awesome. Yet, seeing them on an entire season of Bachelor in Paradise would be even better! Demi is pretty much confirmed to be one of the ladies stepping foot on paradise next season. While Katie is more up in the air. Whatever the case, it is looking to be a great season for the spin-off. See Demi along side Katie in action when season 15 premieres May 13 on ABC.

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