‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown’s Frontrunner Looks Like a Bad Boy

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown had 30 men to pick from including a guy named Luke P (Luke Parker) who appears to be the one to keep an eye on this season. He managed to stay put when Hannah whittled the group down to 22. But after watching the season’s trailer it looks like Hannah might need to adjust her instincts as time goes on.

The Bachelorette called out Luke P’s name and handed him a rose. That’s when you could see how the handsome guy put a twinkle in her eye. But this same guy put a knot in the stomach of viewers during the promo trailer. He’s a 24-year-old import/export manager from Gainesville, Georgia. Furthermore, it also appears that he’s got quite the temper.

The Bachelorette: Potential Soul Mates for Hannah Brown

It looks like this Georgia boy caught Hannah’s attention for sure. That’s easy to see as she hands him over the First Impression rose. Hannah Brown looked like a princess out of a fairy tale on the premiere. But that’s not always going to be the case, which is evident from the promo trailer. Her royalty-like demeanor changes a few times throughout this process. While Luke P could very well be her prince charming at this stage of the game, what comes later will matter. The Bachelorette previews seem to demonstrate there’s a reason for concern in episodes to come.

While Luke P looks like a dream so far, the season’s trailer has him violently screaming at one of the other contestants. What happened on The Bachelorette to put this guy in such a state is unknown. But for fans, it wasn’t a pleasant sight. Luke did his Tarzan impression for Hannah on his way in, jumping on top of the limo to do so. Maybe it’s the Tarzan in this man that stirred the passion for Hannah Brown.

The I-Spy Factor Pays Off

Hannah B had quite the array of skits to chose from as her potential boyfriends introduced themselves. There’s the “Old McDonald had a Farm” impression by a guy driving a tractor. Then there was a guy who seemed preoccupied with meat jokes after showing up with mustard to a “sausage party,” as he called it. One contestant made a real mess when he popped out of a box and those packing peanuts came flying out with him.

Since this is the first season that The Bachelorette added a surveillance van to the mix, a demonstration on how this works cropped up on the premiere. Demi Burnett and Katie Morton stay in the van outside the mansion housing contestants. Demi told Hannah Brown that one of her perspective soul mates has a girlfriend. It looks like spying on these guys paid off for Hannah. It turned out Scott has a girlfriend back home.

Needless to say, Scott didn’t get a rose after that bit of information was confirmed. He didn’t even get to stick around to see who she picked. She sent him home with his baggage in hand. So what can fans expect from The Bachelorette Hannah B this season? Hannah is going to shed some tears and possibly tell one too many guys she’s into them.

The Bachelorette: A Lot of Love to Spread Around

This season’s The Bachelorette star admits to the camera that she does share some intimate time with more than one guy. And she will swap spit frequently on her journey that quite feasibly could land her a soul mate. Someone who knows Hannah Brown quite well offers what to watch for when she smiles. It’s a clue to what Hannah’s really thinking. A genuine smile from Hannah looks a bit awkward but if she shows all her teeth that means there’s not much feeling behind that smile.

Despite Luke P floating her boat on Monday night’s show, it seems Hannah B looked ready to explore some of the other men as well. Tune in to ABC on Monday nights at 8 pm local time to see Hannah Brown follow her heart. With a little luck, the search for her soulmate may end with one of contestants down on one knee.

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