‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Confronts Contestant About Girlfriend

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Hannah Brown confronts a contestant. Allegedly, he has a girlfriend. The drama will begin early. Betrayal is a common occurrence on the show. Nearly every season, bachelors arrive with baggage. So, the former pageant queen will have trouble on her hands early on the ABC matchmaking show.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown Seeks the Truth

Leading lady Hannah Brown will discover the harsh reality of being in charge. It’ll be her turn to give roses. In addition, the drama starts right away. Bachelors will arrive with issues. But, it appears Hannah will sift through it. Right away, she’ll discover betrayal.

The most recent The Bachelorette trailer reveals one of the guys will have a girlfriend. Apparently, he will arrive in a relationship. But, how will The Bachelorette handle this? Will she eliminate him? Or will she search for answers?

During a previous The Bachelorette season with Rachel Lindsay, a similar situation occurred. Rachel dealt with another cheater. Contestant Demario Jackson also had a “girlfriend”. In addition, the alleged girlfriend arrived at the show. Therefore, Rachel was upset. But, ABC liked Demario. He received an invitation for Bachelor in Paradise. Go figure.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: A Quest for Love – Hannah Brown

This time, Miss Alabama will get a shot at love. She’ll no longer wait to be chosen. Instead, she’ll be choosing. During Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Hannah was upset. She believed she’d be a finalist. But, Colton eliminated her before hometowns.

The ex-pageant star was quite angry at her elimination. Underwood dumped her early. In previous seasons, the chosen “bachelorette” was usually in the top four. So, it’s rare. ABC will allow a non finalist to be the star.

Mixed Feelings: Fans React to ABC’s Decision

Fans were shocked to learn Hannah would be the next bachelorette. Some were glad. Others weren’t. She wasn’t exactly a favorite. Her feud with Caelynn Miller-Keyes didn’t sit well with fans. But ABC decided to choose her anyway.

The network hasn’t released a reason for selecting Brown. They rarely do. But, apparently they believed she’d be perfect. Maybe fans will feel better once the season airs.

The Bachelorette: New Trailer Emerges

This week, ABC released a sneak peek of The Bachelorette. The upcoming season will be full of drama. In addition to a contestant having a girlfriend, other drama will occur. Injuries will occur during a game of rugby. EMS will arrive.

So, Hannah will cry a lot. She’s filmed saying “I want somebody to fight for me. That’s what I deserve.” She’ll be a ball of emotions. But, she’ll sift through the drama. Let’s hope she finds love. Watch ABC Monday nights starting May 13 to see what happens with Hannah B.

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