‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Narrows It Down To Final Four

The Bachelorette spoilers show Hannah Brown cuts contestants down to just four finalist. Which final four men will survive eliminations prior to hometown dates. Hannah Brown will grow closer and closer to choosing her top gentlemen. So, which bachelors will survive the cut?

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown Grows Closer

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Hannah Brown will grow closer to finding her ideal mate. But, there will continue to be many challenges. Hannah still has many tough decisions to make. On the upcoming episode, the seven remaining men will be narrowed down to four.

Despite the warning signs The Bachelorette has received regarding contestant Luke Parker, she will continue to show him favor. Throughout the season, Luke has caused quite a stir. The other men in the house have all agreed they don’t like him. However, Hannah has not allowed their opinions to affect her decisions. She has expressed on numerous occasions she is perfectly capable of deciding who she wants to keep around.

The former beauty queen will indeed keep Mr. Parker around for yet another episode. He will survive the next rose ceremony. In addition, he will be granted a hometown date next week. Looks like Hannah Beast sees something in him the other men don’t. Go figure.

Love in The Netherlands

Hannah Brown will begin to sever major ties in The Netherlands. Only four men will be selected for hometown dates. So, The Bachelorette will have some very tough decisions to make. She will have several one-on-one dates, and one three-on-one date.

During her one-on-one date with Mike Johnson, The Bachelorette will send him home. Hannah has expressed her fondness of Mike in the past. However, apparently there will be other stronger relationships present. Goodbye Mike.

Additionally, the former Miss Alabama will have two other one-on-one dates. Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt will receive the dates. Both men will also receive roses at the end of their outings. Therefore, they will automatically be given a hometown date. These two men have been forerunners in the competition since the very first episode.

Three’s Company

The infamous three-on-one date will reappear during the upcoming episode. The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, will invite Garrett Powell, Luke Parker, and Peter Weber to join her. However, only two bachelors will survive the date.

Peter will get the first rose. So, that will leave Luke and Garrett vying for Hannah’s heart. These two have had a tough road together this season. In fact, they can’t stand each other. They’ve both accused each other of being dishonest and insincere.

The Bachelorette will decide to send Garrett Powell home. Apparently, she will not believe he is the one for her. She will instead select Luke Parker, yet again. Despite all the controversy Luke has created, Hannah will continue to keep him around. She will travel to his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia soon.

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