‘The Bachelorette’: Luke Parker’s Jealousy Soars Beyond Control

On this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Luke Parker‘s jealousy soared beyond control. His extreme desire to win Hannah Brown‘s heart escalated to new heights. So much so, he told the beauty queen he questioned rather he would be comfortable allowing his parents to meet her.

The Bachelorette: Luke Parker’s Jealous Fit

It’s no secret Luke Parker is crazy about The Bachelorette. He believes they are meant to be. However, he often forgets he isn’t the only male vying for Hannah Brown and her heart. There are several other prospects. But, he refuses to bow down.

During the most recent airing of The Bachelorette, Hannah bungee jumped nearly naked in Latvia. Contestant Garrett Powell was the lucky man selected to join her. When the bachelor reunited with the rest of the men, he revealed the details of the day.

In addition to being naked, they also were skin to skin. They embraced each other during the fall. So, of course this angered Luke Parker. He believes a woman’s body is a temple. Therefore, she should prize it and save nakedness for marriage.

Luke Confronts Hannah Brown

Unfortunately, Luke was unable to contain his feelings about Hannah Brown’s one-on-one date with Garrett. So, he decided to discuss the situation with her. But, she didn’t receive it very well. He told her he felt like she cheated on him. In addition, he told her he was unsure if he’d be comfortable introducing her to his parents.

Quite naturally, Luke offended Hannah. But, she didn’t reveal her thoughts right away. She waited until the day of the rose ceremony. The Bachelorette is known for being blunt. So, she let Luke have it. She told him she didn’t appreciate the words he used to describe his feelings. Additionally, she revealed she felt as if things weren’t going well between them overall.

One More Chance – Luke Makes The Cut

Despite his heated conversation with The Bachelorette, Luke Parker survived yet another rose ceremony. Hannah Brown granted him the last rose of the night. But, he’s barely holding on.

The other men of the show strongly dislike the ex-football player. They believe Hannah should’ve eliminated him a long time ago. However, The Bachelorette is keeping him around week after week. Obviously, she sees something in him she’s drawn to.

The Bachelorette: Competition Heats Up

Luke Parker will definitely have to prove himself in the upcoming weeks. There are several other men Hannah is smitten for without drama involved. Luke’s time is running short. He will quickly have to change Hannah’s opinion about him or else she may eliminate the bachelor.

Other forerunners on The Bachelorette are Jed Wyatt, Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, and Jed Wyatt. Hannah previously revealed she feels strongly about these men. Both Peter and Tyler swooned the former Miss Alabama on their dates with her this week. In addition, they both received roses before the rose ceremony.

Garrett Powell also received a rose on their bungee jumping date. His relationship with her continues to grow stronger every week. Apparently, Luke has noticed their connection growing as well. So, this doesn’t sit well with him. He wants Hannah Brown for himself. But will he ruin his chances?

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