‘The Bachelorette’: Luke Parker Fights For a Rose

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal this season’s villain, Luke Parker, will fight for a rose. Hannah Brown refused to give him one on the most recent episode of The Bachelorette. But, previews show Luke will still be present. So, will Hannah decide to show him favor? It seems she may keep him around a little bit longer after all on the ABC matchmaking show.

The Bachelorette: No Rose for Luke

Luke Parker certainly grabbed the attention of viewers this season of The Bachelorette. But, not in a good way. He’s been portrayed in a negative light since the very beginning. His cast mates have described him as combative and a liar. They’ve even referred to him as a psychopath.

It didn’t take long for Hannah to catch on. Things escalated quickly after a rough rugby game last week. Luke Parker had an altercation with another cast member, Luke Stone. He body slammed him and kneed him in the head. However, Luke P claims it was not on purpose. When Hannah found out, she was in shock.

Additionally, Luke Parker has shown Hannah he has a hard time revealing emotions. She also believes he’s boastful. It’s a recipe for disaster. In spite of all the drama, she gave him a chance to redeem himself and invited him on a date. But, he failed to win The Bachelorette over. She decided not to grant him a rose. Luke Parker was devastated.

Luke Parker Gets Another Chance?

The cliffhangers for next week reveal Luke Parker remains on the show. However, it is unknown how he will convince The Bachelorette to keep him. Previews show him praying in a church. He is known for his intense love for the Lord. So, maybe divine intervention will step in.

In addition, clips from next week’s episode reveal an extremely upset Hannah Brown. Perhaps she will be fed up. Chris Harrison will try and comfort her, and asks her if she will be able to continue. Obviously, there is still plenty of season left, so she will indeed carry on.

But, what about Luke P? What’s his fate with The Bachelorette? Did he ruin things with his actions? Hannah Brown is very adamant about what she wants. In addition, she’s very straightforward. She doesn’t want to play games, and desires a man who will not bring her heartache. As for Luke S, Bachelor Nation knows he bowed out.

Luke’s Final Fate – A Glimpse into the Future

The Bachelorette spoilers indicate Luke Parker will self destruct. He will not win Hannah’s heart. As a matter of fact, he manages to continue to upset her. She’ll keep giving him more chances. But, in the end, she will not choose him, as leaked info confirms.

Luke Parker will make it to the fantasy suite episode. However, he won’t advance on. As a matter of fact, The Bachelorette will send him packing before the date is over. According to Reality Steve, an argument will occur between the pair. Hannah Brown will be extremely upset, and send him home.

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