‘The Bachelorette’: Jed Wyatt’s Ex-Girlfriend Spills The Tea

The Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt was recently busted by his ex-girlfriend. Haley Stevens recently revealed she was in a committed relationship with Jed when he began the Hannah Brown season of the ABC show. In addition, he allegedly promised her they would continue once the show ended.

Bachelorette: Jed Wyatt’s Ex-Girlfriend Haley Stevens Dishes Dirt

Jed Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend shocked Bachelorette fans when she revealed Jed arrived to the show already taken. The Nashville singer is a forerunner on The Bachelorette. Additionally, he gained a pretty good reputation on the show fairly quickly. However, his image may be permanently tarnished.

Haley Stevens, alleges she spent the night with Jed before he left for filming. She also revealed he said they would be stronger as a couple when The Bachelorette ended. Moreover, he convinced Haley to remain committed to him once the show started.

Reportedly, they were in a solid relationship for four months before Jed Wyatt left for The Bachelorette. Jed Wyatt told Haley Stevens the show would be a good opportunity for his career. So, she believed him. In addition, he said he only desired to make it to the top five. Apparently, he believed that was all he needed to boost his career.

The Bachelorette – An Unexpected Twist

To make matters worse, the duo traveled to the Bahamas in February after Jed found out he would appear on the show. Haley Stevens says they both professed their deep love for one another by saying “I love you” for the first time during the trip.

All in all, Haley believed Jed Wyatt was sincere. She believed he would appear on The Bachelorette and then return to her. However, this never happened. As a matter fact, Jed didn’t even contact Haley when the show was over. Understandably, she was hurt.

Haley Stevens says she ran into Jed one time after The Bachelorette finished filming. But, he didn’t have much to say. Obviously, she wanted an update on their status. But, it never happened. Perhaps, Jed Wyatt didn’t expect things to go so well with Hannah Brown. He’s been a forerunner since the first episode.

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt – To Be or Not To Be

To be or not to be? That is a serious question for Jed Wyatt. He revealed his initial intentions for appearing on The Bachelorette to Hannah Brown in a previous episode. The singer admitted he initially auditioned for fame. He believed appearing on the show would make him more popular. Hannah Brown valued his honesty and continued to show him love. But, did she know the entire truth? Perhaps not.

Bachelor nation will find out very soon the outcome of Jed Wyatt’s fate. Will Hannah Brown choose to spend the rest of her life with him? Or will she decide to dump him? The ball is in her court. The Bachelorette has a lot to ponder on.

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