‘The Bachelorette’: Why Hannah Brown Almost Gave Up On Everything

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown nearly gave up on everything and removed herself from filming of the matchmaking show. Apparently, the household feuding took a toll on her heart. So much so, she was willing to risk the once-in-a-lifetime chance to find true love on The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown Gets The Blues As The Bachelorette

On the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown became extremely frustrated. She grew weary of the contestants. She felt as if they were focusing more on petty drama. But, instead they should’ve been focusing on her.

The former pageant queen, Hannah Brown, began to doubt the entire process. She wasn’t sure if she could go on. Therefore, she told the men she no longer wanted to participate. In addition, Hannah told host Chris Harrison she wasn’t sure about the show overall.

The Bachelorette said she initially believed in the series. Hannah was hopeful she would find her soulmate. However, after things became troublesome, she wasn’t so sure anymore. All the constant drama derailed her hope.

Hannah Brown – Discouragement Takes Over

The Bachelorette expressed on many occasions Hannah refuses to settle. In previous relationships, she tolerated much more than she should have. She sacrificed her needs and wants for somebody else. But, this time things are different. She no longer wishes to receive anything less than what she deserves.

Chris Harrison, the host, said Hannah Brown appeared to be resisting love. She built a wall around her emotions, and Chris noticed it. In addition, he asked The Bachelorette if she desired to proceed with the show.

It’s no secret the former Miss Alabama, Hannah Brown, will continue her quest for love as evidenced by the previews. After expressing her desires to the men, the tone amongst them will be different. However, animosity will still be present. But, the focus will change. The Bachelorette should always be the center of attention. After all, she’s the reason the men are on the show in the first place.

Drama From The Start on The Bachelorette

On last night’s The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison and Hannah Brown recapped the season. In addition, they reviewed the drama that occurred since the very beginning. On the very first day in The Bachelor mansion, Hannah confronted a guy with a girlfriend. It didn’t hurt her journey too much, but she was perturbed.

Shortly after the girlfriend fiasco, another man created a scene. The men of the house felt as if Cam Ayala attempted to win The Bachelorette over with pity. He revealed personal situations, health history, and life experiences to her. However, the timing was bad. Additionally, Hannah sensed insincerity. Therefore, she sent him home.

Last but not least, Luke Parker stirred the pot when he bodyslammed and kneed Luke Stone in the head. Their feud was perhaps the most damaging of them all. The men were unable to contain themselves. So much so, they argued in front of The Bachelorette. Hannah was not pleased. In the end, Luke Stone eliminate himself.

The Bachelorette: A Gamble On Love

While, The Bachelorette will tread lightly with the men in the future, she’ll remain hopeful. After sifting through her emotions, Hannah will give love another try. Forerunners Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt, and Tyler Cameron will all be at the top of her list.

Despite her troubles with certain contestants, Hannah Brown will make serious connections with other bachelors. There are still plenty of men that genuinely want to pursue her. Let’s hope the drama will pause, and the rest of her journey will focus on finding true love.

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