‘Temptation Island’ Recap: Guilty Ashley Goldson Breaks Down at the Bonfire

This weeks Temptation Island recap picks up with the fallout of last weeks bonfire bombshell. Ashley Goldson took things all the way right out of the jump with KB Brown. Rick Fleur was reeling from the clip of his girl in bed with Brown. Ashley feels guilty but still enjoyed her date with KB. Ashley Howland cries over a lame lap dance, but lets loose later with some booty shakin’ of her own. And Kate Griffith is still clueless while David Benavidez is dipping way more than a little toe into the singles pool. Let’s check in on our couples and singles as they navigate their liquor ridden paradise. You can catch Temptation Island Thursdays at 10 PM on the USA network.

Temptation Island Recap: The Couples Deal With Bonfire Fall Out 

The air is thick the morning after the first bonfire. And it ain’t because of the smoke. It’s more a stale layer of spilled tequila and regret. Ashley G. lays hidden under a blanket after she pulled an Evan Smith and went all in the very first night with KB Brown. The two enjoyed their date but now reality has set in. KB comes to coax her out of her misery and says he will take her mind off it But she tells producers she f*cked up and ruined things with Rick.

On Temptation Island , Ashley Howland is still weepy over Casey Starchak getting a lap dance by two singles. The eternal frat boy just sat there so her reaction is just insanely over the top. Kate tries to console her. Kate admits she thinks David is calculating and lies. Girl, it’s really not that deep. He has a man bun and wears Hawaiian shirts. He’s here to get laid. Stop over thinking and get downstairs and take a shot. You’re gonna need it.

While the mood at the girls villa was certainly gloom and doom, the guys are taking things in stride. Shots flow and there’s more grinding going on here than a sausage factory. Casey Starchak is surrounded by girls and admits he’s having a great time. Gavin Rocker gets grinded in the crotch and doesn’t seem to hate it. Medinah Ali tries to talk to Rick Fleur but he’s playing it cool for now.

Two Singles Get Sent Packing on Temptation Island

Host Mark L. Walberg plays the ladies villa a visit. He tells them it’s time to send one of the single dudes home. Walberg is like the human version of White Claw. A clean and simple almost boring exterior. But with just enough evil on the inside that it tends to make fools out of people. The girls waste no time booting Alex Angell. Because he stayed on the sidelines. Probably because everybody has cried the whole time . With the exception of Ash G. and we all know what she was doing. He leaves graciously.

On Temptation Island, the guys now cut a single. They decide to boot Sam Harb. Probably because she is the only one who seems to have any edge at all and they know they couldn’t handle her because she’d never fall for their crap. The girls all run up and hug her like they are losing a best friend. Then talk about how glad they are that she’s gone because it’s less competition for them. To hook up with one of these tools who are here to cheat on their girlfriends. Goals.

Ashley H. puts her Best asset out there: Literally

Things are heating up on Temptation Island. Ashley H. has decided that lap dances aren’t all that bad now that she’s getting one. She even does a little dancing of her own in the kitchen with some serious booty shakin’ in a red thong bikini. Girl wasn’t lying when she said her ass is her best asset. And the single guys certainly agree. She does admit that Deac Conti reminds her of Casey. And cries poolside to one of the other singles about it.

Rick seems to have shaken off the grainy images of his GF in bed with another man just 24 hors after arriving on the island. He says he doesn’t want drama. And refers to himself as “Slick Rick”. The cringe is real my friends. David is in all his man bun glory. He says he’s connected with three girls. Meanwhile his girlfriend Kate is sitting out the festivities to get a good night’s sleep. Yawn. You’re 34 honey not 60.

On Temptation Island Rick and Medinah flirt in the pool. He says she’s handsy and swims away. David and ex pageant girl Toneata Morgan get cozy in the hot tub while everyone looks on. The former Miss Oregon is going for it. The single ladies get Casey to drop trou and wear only an apron. They all go crazy and he leaves a cheeky print behind on the stainless steel fridge. Later, Medinah confronts Rick who tells her to chill. She calls him out and he kisses her.

Temptation Island Recap

Hangovers and Regrets

Ashley H. wakes up with a hangover. And everybody is dreading bonfire time. Ashley G. says she still loves Rick. But had KB in her bed again the night before. Kate is spilling her psycho babble about her fears of making David a better man for the next woman. Again Kate. It’s really not that deep. The man bun has cut off circulation in his brain. Not that he’s thinking with that anyway.

The long ominous drive to the bonfire begins. Gavin is up first. He sees Esonica Veira telling Kareem Thomas that Gavin doesn’t want to learn her culture or visit St. Thomas. Gavin admits he should be more open to that. David is next and sees Kate talking to a dude who tells her she’s a catch. He has to think hard to remember who she is, but Casey nudges him and whispers that’s your girlfriend dude. He mumbles something about not being the emotional type. Duh.

On Temptation Island Casey sees Ashley H. letting it all hang out. He says his heart was beating fast. But that he too was drunk with his ass out last night so it’s all in good fun. Mr. Mark isn’t having any of this. He wants to see some souls crushed! So he asks Casey if he understands the REAL RISK here. He says he never considered that the alcohol would run out. Mark tells him that harmless ass shaking can lead to so much more. Just ask Rick. Casey just shrugs it off.

Rick Gets Dissed Again on Temptation Island

Last up is Rick. He gets slammed again because his clip is Ashley and KB on their date.  Drinking and kissing and toasting to “bigger and better things”. And she even says literally. Ouch dude. Rick says he’s crushed and at a loss for words. The guys all pat him on the back. He says it seems as though his girl has moved  on. If that’s what they call it these days.

On Temptation Island the gals are up next at bonfire. Esonica says she’s respected the rules. But isn’t too upset to see Gavin get grinded on. She says in her culture a little dirty dancing is ok. So, she’s not bothered. Ashley G. has a melt down after seeing Rick give Medinah a few friendly kisses. But says she deserves it. And maybe she’s just done. She sobs and the other girls rally around her. Host Mark chubs up a little.

Last up Kate sees David and Toneata in the hot tub. And someone yelling from inside that they will be doing it tonight. She says that she has made sure the single guys have respected her space. By walking around like a deer in headlights and going to bed at 8 pm. She certainly doesn’t think David has done the same after seeing his jacuzzi romp with the former Miss Oregon. And we have to wait till next week to see what they show Ashley H. Catch an all new Temptation Island Thursday at 10 PM on USA.

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