‘Temptation Island’ Sneak Peek Recap of Season 2 Episode 1-“The Journey Begins”

Temptation Island is back. The early premiere of season 2 of the FOX show brings a whole new cast of players. Of course, some things stayed the same such as host Mark L Walberg, (not the one from the Funky Bunch). There’s no shortage of cheesy music, dramatic scenery, alcohol and lots of tears. So, grab your puka beads, tissues and a shot of tequila and let’s start the madness. Temptation Island debuts Thursday, October 10 at 10 pm on FOX.

Temptation Island: 4 New Couples Arrive on The Island to Tempt Fate

On Temptation Island, the four couples arrive by boat to meet a smiling and waving Mark L Walberg who’s channeling his best Tattoo on Fantasy Island vibe as they sail in. After greeting them, he tells them the hard truth. That 24 hot singles are here whose sole purpose is to find love. Or gain Instagram followers. And tells them to think of the hard question while on the island: wine or hard liquor. Or both. No, just joking. But should they really be together?

The couples are taken aback by the blue skies and gorgeous scenery. They complain that they won’t get to enjoy it together. But rather in a month-long drunken haze with a dozen hot members of the opposite sex trying to jump their bones. It really sucks. Not. We get a montage of each couple. How they met. How long they’ve been together. And lots of Dr Phil speak like “trust issues”, “giving space” and “commitment phobic”.

Meet The Couples on Temptation Island

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak met on social media. Casey gives off a wholesome Conan O’Brien vibe. He’s like the guy that can rock any color of Polo and is always up for a high-five and a Bud Light. His girlfriend Ashley kind of just lives through him since she moved to Florida from Maine to be with him. He brought her here to “create her own life”. In other words to breathe.

On Temptation Island, Ashley Goldson has been with Rick Fleur for four and a half years Well not counting the time she caught him sexting with another girl. Ashley Goldson makes no secret that she wants a ring on it. Rick cops to the cheating thing and says his parent’s divorce made him commitment shy. David Benavidez and Kate Griffith have been together three years. David has all the promise of being this season’s Evan Smith 2.0. While Kate Griffith is a blithering mess before anything even started.

Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira have been a couple for a year and a half. Gavin’s moving on a little slower timeline than Esonica. She has trust issues. And after seeing the way the single ladies flocked around Gavin the first night, girl gets a pass. Gavin isn’t sure if she’s his forever. So he’s here to test the waters. Although they vow to make a united front and stick together, we shall see.

The Couples Meet The Singles

On Temptation Island, host Mark L Walberg ( not the one whose family has a hamburger chain but the other one) has the couples sit to meet and greet the singles. After an eternity of strobe lights and bad techno music, the lights come up to show the slew of singles. So, stereotypes are in no short supply here as they do a little catwalk with a cheesy introduction. We start with single gal Payton Burgess, the hot but slightly nerdy bartender. Followed by Ben Knoblach, the former Army sniper who has the ladies in his sight. A little morbid, but okay.

We meet ex-pageant girl Toneata Morgan who claims she is also a model and not afraid of a little competition. The cringe is real friends and we have only just begun. Meanwhile, Ashley Howland makes faces as if she’s smelling bad fish and Kate Griffith trembles and cries. Leading the single girls to mock her. Self-proclaimed Jersey girl Kari Nesheim can’t really walk in her heels and single lady Medinah Ali locks in on Gavin Rocker from the jump.

The couples head to their respective villas, on Temptation Island. The singles arrive and the shots flow. There’s some flirting for sure. Of course the guys seem to enjoy the mixer a little more than the ladies. Ashley Goldson seems to let loose the most. She has a flirty connection with single Jose’ Rodriguez. And the larger than life (literally) Kalaan Brown (aka KB) lets her know he’s down for commitment unlike Rick. Kari the Jersey Girl goes after David, who didn’t seem to hate it.

Mark Lets The Couples Say Goodbye on Temptation Island

The couple’s reunite for dinner. Ashley Goldson admits that KB got to her. Rick calls her out for cheesin’ and smilin’. Gavin admits that he missed Esonica more than he thought. Kate Griffith is still a nervous wreck while David admits he’s here for a “unique opportunity”. If that’s what you call it. Esonica gets weepy thinking about the separation. Mark tells the couples have ten minutes to say their goodbyes before he unleashes the singles.

On Temptation Island, the couples kiss, cry and argue. Ashley G is sure Rick will make a fool out of her. So, Ashley H asks Casey Starchak if he found the girls attractive. To which he completely honestly says yes. Which causes her to blubber like the stage five clinger that she is and say that none of the guys were attractive. Okay, Ashley. For real? Then, Kate tells David that half the guys ignored her. Probably because she trembled like a frightened chihuahua the whole time. Esonica summed it up best with a final whisper to Gavin “don’t do stupid shit”.

An all new season of Temptation Island premieres Thursday October 10th on FOX.

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