‘Temptation Island’ – Single Kalaan “KB” Brown is Already Heating Things Up on Season 2

Temptation Island season 2 kicked off last Thursday on USA network and this season is off to a heated start. A few of the singles have come in hot to tempt the couples. Temptation Island spoilers show that Ashley Goldson is already tempted by single Kalaan “KB” Brown. Single lady Medinah Ali locked in on Gavin Rocker the first night. It didn’t go over well with his girlfriend, Esonica Veira who joins him on the island. Clips of the new season show lots of flirting, crying and hooking up. And host Mark L. Walberg says that there will be lots of surprises. The new season of Temptation Island airs Thursday nights at 10 pm on the USA network.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Ashley Goldson is Tested By KB’s Eyes on

Temptation Island spoilers reveal Ashley Goldson telling single contestant Kalaan “KB” Brown that she’s trying to keep things PG , but his eyes are saying rated R. The two share some flirting and some drinks by the pool. These two connected in episode 1 when KB let Ashley know he’s down for commitment. Ashley came to the island with her boyfriend of four years Rick Fleur. Ashley has trust issues with Rick. And he admits to being commitment shy.

In the first episode of Temptation Island the couples split up for the evening to mingle with the singles. But then reunite to say goodbye at dinner. Ashley admitted the first night that KB got to her. And Rick even called her out for “cheesin’ and smilin’ when she spoke of him. Ashley certainly seems to enjoy hanging out with KB in the clip from episode 2. She tells producers that Rick has already explained that he’s single while on the island. So she’s open to embrace it all. And tells KB that the handcuffs are off.

Host Mark L. Walberg Offers Some Advice To The Couples

Host Mark L. Walberg offered some advice to the new couples on the USA show. A Temptation Island spoilers clip has the host saying, “You cannot control the other person so keep looking deeper to see what your own truth is. And what you want and value in a relationship”.

Other singles who made a first impression on the first night included Atlanta-based pod caster Medinah Ali. She locked eyes with Gavin Rocker. And later flirted with Ashley G.’s boyfriend Rick Fleur. Bartender Payton Burgess also made an impression on that first night. She even tweeted after the first episode that she “swept the couples off their feet” and plans to rock their worlds. Don’t forget to catch an all new episode this Thursday at 10 PM on USA.

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