‘Temptation Island’ Kendal Dives Right Into The Deep End – Recap

On Temptation Island, Kendal Kirkland admits he can’t swim but wastes no time diving into the deep end of things with single Alexcys Homan. Cory Sobczyk breaks down when his soccer star girlfriend Erin Smith chooses a fellow baller for her date. Kristen Ramos isn’t digging the frat boy behavior at the girl’s villa. And Thomas Gipson makes it clear to one single he’s really not there to mingle. Let’s flip through the highs and lows of season 3 episode 2 He’s Been a Bad Boy.

A Tale of Two Villas On Temptation Island

One constant on Temptation Island other than the endless supply of alcohol is the difference of the vibe at the guy’s villa versus the gals. The girls huddle with each other for support and Erin Smith admits she’s pretty scared. They decide to do a toast together but get interrupted by a stampede of testosterone. The single guys are ready to par-tay but Chelsea Orcutt suggests they back off and give them a minute.

Over at the guys’ pad the vibe is much looser of course. There is drinking and dancing as Julian Allen and Kendal Kirkland bust moves with the single ladies. Cory Sobczyk isn’t feeling the shenanigans just yet and is a little weepy. Thomas Gipson finds an eager audience to discuss how at a networking event Chelsea Orcutt got jealous when he chatted up a girl waiting for drinks. One single suggests he deserves someone who doesn’t make him so anxious or sick at his stomach at the end of the day.

Back at the girl’s place on Temptation Island things are starting to lighten up. There is plenty of White Claw and a flip cup game going on. It’s all good till single guy Evan McFadden pops champagne all over the floor and Kristen Ramos isn’t having it. She suggests he grab some Clorox wipes and clean it up ASAP. He calls her standoffish and says she’s wasting her time. Kristen isn’t down with their frat boy antics. But Chelsea finds quiet time with Dr. Blake Eyres refreshing away from the chaos.

It’s Date Time Let The Games Begin

On Temptation Island it’s time to select first dates. The couples are choosing their respective dates in front of each other. Julian Allen from Jersey goes first and chooses Amanda Spain-Butts. Cory chooses Nicole Ciszak and Erin responds by saying she’s cute and she doesn’t hate her. Kendal heads to the group and Alexcys knows it’s her so she kind of steps forward and Kendal grabs her hand. Moves that do not go unnoticed by his girlfriend Erica Washington.Thomas picks Lauren Poindexter.

Kristen goes first for the gals and picks Jesse Stephanos who is kind of like Julian light. Chelsea of course picks Dr. Blake and it’s no surprise to Thomas since “Chelsea likes men not boys”. Erica Washington picks Lex Lindquist and Kendal says “let the games begin” but seems rather unaffected by Erica’s choice. Erin Smith goes last and picks fellow soccer pro Griffin Libhart which turns Cory into a hot mess and he gets teary eyed with jealousy again.

Time For Some Dirty Dancing on Temptation Island

After date selection Erica turns to the girls for comfort. It seems she was trying to lock eyes with Kendal and share a moment with him at date selections but he ignored her. Chelsea is definitely in the mood to let loose with some booty shakin’. Single Alex Alvarez attempts to flip her over and it’s kind of a fail. Jesse uses cheesy lines on future date Kristen. And Erica admits to her date Lex that she feels more free not having Kendal around to cater to.

Speaking of Kendal, he’s ready to get the party started as usual and really wants to get Cory’s head back in the game. Cory’s date Nicole comes to lend a hand and he’s still a little weepy. Next on Temptation Island, the girls all dress in devil and angel costumes that look like leftovers from an Alpha Chi Ho-Mega sorority party in 2007. Cory gets crowned the king and even gets a pity body shot from one of the girls.

The girls suggest that the guys show some skin too so the guys lose their shirts. Julian suggests a dance off and gets knocked over during his lap dance. Kendal is more than happy to give a Alexcys a cringey lap dance. And she returns the favor. The girls say Kendal is ready to “risk it all”. Thomas gets a little attitude when single lady Maya Morsi suggests the point of him being there is to find someone who matches him. He tells her that isn’t his point and she accuses him of being disrespectful.

The First Bonfire Goes Down In Tears

The Temptation Island dates go off with much less drama than the boozy villa nights. Everyone uses phrases like “open up” and “break down walls”. Things stay in the friend zone mostly but the chemistry is there for Kendal and Alexcys. Erica on the other hand breaks down to date Lex about how she feels like her relationship with Kendal is more like a business. And cries when she admits he kind of tells her how to feel.

At the first bonfire Mark reminds the girls that they are only seeing one clip. Without context. Erica admits she felt some self-love today so things start off ok. Chelsea sees the clip of Thomas telling the networking story and is far more irritated with the girls than him. Chelsea admits that was the beginning of her insecurities. And that she has suffered insecurities in every relationship. That he needs to see what’s right in front of him. Mark L. Walberg says he definitely sees her.

Next on Temptation Island, Erica is shown the lap dance clip with Kendal and Alexcys. Where she also refers to Kendal as a “bad boy”. Erica cries in frustration and admits it’s like seeing a different person. Because she usually finds Kendal “advanced and mature”. Host Mark is all of us when he asks if she really sees him that way. She says yes and admits he kind of treats her less than. And that’s a wrap so till next week!

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