‘Temptation Island’ Recap: New Couples and Singles Get Ready to Mingle

Temptation Island is back and the only thing saltier than the margaritas are the tears. Four new couples rode the ship of fools across sparkling blue waters to end up meeting the thirsty crop of singles ready to pounce.

Of course with the help of trusty host Mark L. Walberg and an endless supply of alcohol. A few of the couples are flinging rules aside while a few others come with conditions. So toss back that tequila and let’s break down season 3 episode 1 Don’t Drop A Dime For A Nickel.

Meet The New Couples On Temptation Island

Four new good looking couples set sail for the island. They marvel at the tropical weather and blue skies. Better soak it up now because ahead at their final destination of Temptation Island, a few dozen hot singles are circling like vultures. First up we meet Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt of Los Angeles. They met through a mutual friend and live a sunny SoCal life filled with love, lattes and yoga. Thomas is faithful but Chelsea finds him “too flirty” so here they are.

Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland are another California couple. Kendal’s thing is excellence according to Erica. And this makes her feel less than sometimes when he’s critical.

Erica Washington points out he’s unappreciative and no one else will get up at 4 AM to iron his shirts. Girl, what? Maybe she secretly came to Temptation Island to find a man who’s okay with wrinkles and sleeping in.

Kendal Kirkland also admits he doesn’t believe in divorce.

Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen are the only east coast couple on Temptation Island and have made the long trek to possibly break up on national TV from New Jersey. These two have been together for 11 years. The high school sweethearts seem head over heels but Julian did a little cheating so now he’s being put to the test. Last is Erin Smith and Cory Sobczyk aka Malibu Barbie and Ken who live in San Diego. Erin has dated pro athletes and finds Cory a little boring at times.

The Singles Bring The Cheese

After Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg plies the couples with champagne and a pep talk, it’s time to get bring on the singles. The couples take their places and the lights go down. Erin Smith says she’s “already mad” and then the lights flash and everyone gasps. Before them is a literal sea of bare chested guys in chunky island man jewelry and girls in booty hugging mini dresses. These single ladies have come to play immediately swoon over Kendal Kirkland.

We don’t meet them all but there is still plenty of cringe for a one hour show. Some notables are Shaquille Urie, a personal trainer (shocker) who rips off his shirt and flexes his pecs and Katrina Koomen who promises her ultra long legs will be wrapped around one of the guys shortly. Tom Triola from Jersey caught the girl’s attention by saying he had magic hands but for cooking. And Alexcys Homan promises to turn up in bonfire footage with someone’s man.

Good Times and Tan Lines On Temptation Island

The Temptation Island singles depart satisfied that the couple’s seem “shook”.

Erica Washington noticed the attention Kendal Kirkland got and tells him “don’t drop a dime for a nickel. Host Mark tells the couples they’ll be saying goodbye for the night and they head to their respective villas. The next day Mark drops each villa a dozen singles for day drinking and whatever else might happen. The shots flow as fast as the cheesy lines especially at the girl’s villa.

Tom the chef made a splash at introductions the night before but sinks like a stone when he chats up Erica Washington.

Erin Smith has a good time with the guys but thinks they may end up annoying her. Single Shaquille admits he’s a dog and blurts out the cringiest line of the episode when he says he’s there to “meet the right girl and fertilize her”. Dude. And Chelsea Orcutt proves to be this season’s crier when kind dentist Dr. Blake Eyres comes on to her over champagne.

It’s that time on Temptation Island and the couples will say their goodbyes for a month. Mark asks the couples if they laid out any rules. Two couples, Kristen and Julian and Erica and Kendal are throwing caution to the wind and not setting any boundaries. Chelsea cries when she admitted she doesn’t want anybody sitting on Thomas’s bed. And Erin blubbers a little too when she waffles over implied rules with Corey. Till Next week!

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