‘Temptation Island’ Erica Puts Out The Flames Of Another Bad Bonfire – Recap

On Temptation Island, Erica Washington is just so over it all. The bonfire was messy when she saw Nickole Ciszak join Kendal Kenton and Alexcys Homan in bed. Julian Allen proves once again he knows how to exit a sticky situation when he falls backwards into the pool. Chelsea Orcutt flip flops more than a fish out of water between Tom Triola and Blake Eyres. And the single gals rake Erin Smith over the coals in a catty bonfire clip. Grab your hand sanitizer and let’s go between the sheets of season 3 episode 5 Three’s Company.

The Bonfire Burns on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, we join the guys bonfire in full swing. Kendal Kenton wears a velvet shirt that stands out even among the cheesy wardrobe choices on the island. Cory Sobczyk is up first and gets to hear Erin Smith tell Shaquille Urie that he can read her. Shaquille tells production it’s something he’s got over Cory. And that he can inch his way above her boyfriend. Yep, that’s what she said.

Cory rambles on that he is weak and hates what he sees in the mirror. Dude, just lose the Koa bead necklace and you’ll feel right again I promise. Next up is Kendal who sees the guys discussing what a fool Erica Washington is for staying with him. Kendal is quite the opposite of Cory as he loves what he sees in the mirror. He admits he could put forth more effort. But why would he when she is down to play the role he cast her in. He also admits he’s down to be with someone else.

Julian Allen has been pretty square on Temptation Island. So he’s a bit surprised to hear Kristen Ramos telling some island singles that if her dad saw her bonfire clip he’d be jacked at Julian. He admits he’s not sure what it could be. And that all he really wants is Kristen. Awwww. Thomas Gipson is the last and sees Chelsea Orcutt googly eyed and flirty with Tom Triola. He says she’s just social but he’s a little miffed. Julian calls out Chelsea as a hypocrite for accusing Thomas of being the flirty one.

Tommy Plays Chelsea and Erica

It’s finally time to eliminate some singles off of Temptation Island. Or as Kendal calls them “dead weight”. Host Mark L. Walberg crashes both villas to suggest they start thinking of who to boot. The girls are partying with the guys and Chelsea is all gaga over Tommy Triola. She tells Erin she’s really feeling it with him. Erin says go for it and admits she’s really feeling it for some pickles and cheese sticks.

Chelsea soon gets wind that Tommy Triola is flirting with Erica Washington. So she hides in a hammock with a daiquiri and spies. Sure enough he tells Erica that he likes Chelsea alright but she is his number one. Erica isn’t biting and says he’s only there for a physical connection. Well don’t rule out the free booze too. So, Chelsea is now done with Tommy and spots a lonely Dr. Blake Eyres on the horizon. Who she dragged last week to everyone. But hey, memories are short when there are shots.

In other Temptation Island highlights Julian Allen weeps alone in his bedroom. Kendal Kenton  and Alexcys Homan awkwardly try to convince each other that this hookup is more than just sex. And Erin Smith lets Shaquille Urie know that she is still being loyal to Cory. But wants him safely around in the friend zone. Erica cries to Kristen about Kendal and admits she can’t stop seeing the clip of him with Alexcys. Girl, you ain’t seen nothing yet and Mark L. Walberg is gonna take care of that.

Elimination Drama On Temptation Island

It’s time for eliminations and the guys villa goes first. Kendal announces that he has no emotion regarding kicking out those who take up space and consume food and booze without putting out. He says he fires people everyday so it’s no big deal. How any of these other guys did not call this fool out is beyond me. Three girls walk out two of whom have gotten zero air time and the other is so tall you can’t miss her. They graciously leave and that’s the end of that.

The vibe at the girl’s villa on Temptation Island is a little different for eliminations. Kristen gloats that she can’t wait to get these frat boys out once and for all. And Chelsea and Erica see to it that Tom is toast. The other’s are Trent Jespersen, Rocky Buttery and Evan McFadden. Tommy says he kept it real. But Evan isn’t so gracious and says that they are booting him because he didn’t remember their names except for Cory,

Kristen has wanted Evan out since he popped that bottle on the floor. But middle dude Trent has got his bro’s back and mocks Kristen for staying with a cheater. They also dog Erica for what Kendal has been doing. Host Mark steps in and tells them to go before things get worse. And they walk off leaving only a parting scent of Red Bull and Axe body spray. Of course, the girls are glad to see them go.

Tacos and Threesomes

In the aftermath of the Temptation Island eliminations Kendal pretends to have a heart and toasts to the “fallen soldiers” while suggesting everyone turn it up. The girls decide to throw a glow up party at their villa. So everyone gyrates in glow necklaces and randomly placed splashes of neon paint. Chelsea and Dr. Blake are like peas and carrots again after her quick detour with “Tommy two hands” as she now calls him.

Things are a just a little more saucy over at the guys villa where it’s taco night among other things. A game of truth or dare breaks out in the pool (shocking I know). And Alexcys Homan and Nickole Ciszak are dared to skinny dip. Their bikinis fly off at warp speed and next Kendal suggests they kiss. Alexcys devours Nickole’s face like an Italian Hoagie. And Nickole announces to the world that she is no longer the drunken sad girl but now a breathy voiced bisexual who will do whatever you want.

On Temptation Island Alexcys suggests Nickole spend the night and the two tease on upstairs to the hot tub. Kendal follows like a puppy and then the trio progress to the bedroom. The two girls disappear under the covers giggling and Kendal soon joins in buck naked and covering his junk with one hand. Somewhere in a lone villa, host Mark views the grainy footage while preparing the bonfire clips. He doe an evil laugh, lights a cigar and pours himself a dirty martini.

The Morning After on Temptation Island

Everyone is a buzz in the guys villa over the threesome. Nickole has no shame in her game and admits she indulged in some “adult cuddles” with Kendal and Alexcys. Everybody woo hoos and high fives and then Alexcys walks in looking like she sucked a lemon. She says yes it happened and tells production she thinks she had a good time. Kendal does a stride of pride straight out to Julian to brag about his night going from zero to a thousand.

And then it’s Temptation Island bonfire time. Erin Smith sees Nickole saying they are a lot alike because well, New Jersey. This makes Erin throw up a little White Claw in her mouth. The girls paint Erin as a critical uptight shrew who is ruining Cory every chance she gets. Chelsea sees Julian call her a hypocrite. She thinks that Thomas must have seen her “dancing” and is jealous of her bootylicious moves with house randoms. Nice try Chelsea.

It’s torture Erica time and Mark plays the threesome clip of Kendal hopping into bed and immediate moaning and groaning. Erica just seems grossed out and Mark is a little disappointed. Next Kristen sees Julian sobbing alone in his room and it breaks her up. But there is something else she’s holding back. Mark leaps beside her and she confesses that she lost a brother to an overdose. So that’s a wrap till next week!

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