‘Temptation Island’: Chelsea Calls Out Fake Blake – Recap

On Temptation Island, Chelsea Orcutt calls out Dr. Blake Eyres as a fake and gets the other girls and guys on board to expose him. Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan spend the night together after she makes a bold first move. Thomas Gipson can’t get enough of single Sophia Perez. And Erin Smith starts to worry as Corey Sobczyk opens up to Amanda Spain-Butts. Grab some wine because there’s plenty of cheese in this recap of season 3 episode 4 Blake The Fake.

Chelsea Calls Out Blake on Temptation Island

Chelsea Orcutt has moved on from Dr. Blake Eyres and on to Tom Triola from New Jersey. She feels like Blake was just playing and wants to be the resident shoulder to cry on in the girl’s villa. Tom is eager to join in the Blake bashing and backs up Chelsea’s claims of Blake’s phony baloney. Chelsea asks Tom on her next date and Blake isn’t happy about it as he lurks around the grounds.

Erin Smith is also branching out on Temptation Island. Single Shaquille Urie has already caught feelings after their second date. But Erin lets him down easy or at least she tries. She tells him she had a great time but doesn’t want to lead him on. Shaquille is pretty bummed out about the whole situation. Later Erin has a heart to heart with single Evan McFadden. And asks him on her next date. Shaquille admits he’s pretty mad about this.

Amanda Sows Corey’s Doubts About Erin

Alexcys Homan is glad she turned down Kendal Kirkland’s invitation to spend the night on Temptation Island. For now anyway. She spins it as he still technically has a girlfriend yada yada yada. So she’s cool with pumping the brakes so they can figure it out. Julian Allen is lightening up a bit with single Maya Morsi who he says reminds him of his girlfriend. Somewhere on the island host Mark L. Walberg makes a note to tell Julian this is not what this experiment is all about.

Thomas Gipson is smooth and continues flirting with single Sophia Perez. He claims being in a relationship has made him “lose his essence”. And fun loving Sophia is just the gal to give it back. Amanda Spain-Butts delivers a b-list actress worthy performance as she coos to Corey Sobczyk that it’s really sad to think that his girlfriend Erin Smith brought him here to possibly lose him.

We see snippets of the other dates including Chelsea Orcutt and Tom Triola playfully crashing a dune buggy. And Kendal asking Alexcys whether she would like him to feed her a white or dark chocolate strawberry. And Alexcys saying she always takes dark chocolate like a pro. The cringe is real friends. And it’s only just begun on Temptation Island. Because the girls are gearing up for a talent show at the guys villa.

Let The Games Begin On Temptation Island

Over at the guys villa the talent show is about to begin. The four coupled guys will judge. And up first is scorned single Nickole Ciszak who cried that Corey made her “look dumb”. For redemption she does a dance ending in a facedown split. Next up Sophia demonstrates her talent of being able to lick her elbow. Up next is Alexcys who says she didn’t have time to practice anything but she has a talent for “making the first move” and shoves her tongue down Kendal’s throat.

While Kendal scores her a perfect 10, Corey seems a little shocked. And later reveals to Amanda that he’s shook that things can actually happen on Temptation Island. Who knew the power of endless tequila, bikinis and camera crews could rip apart stable yet boring relationships. Corey wonders if Erin is moving this fast also. Amanda rehearses what she will say next to Corey to fill him with even more doubt.

At the gal’s villa it’s all fun until somebody stirs the pot. And Chelsea is happy to be the big spoon. She starts by taking Dr. Blake aside to let him know that she sees through his act of being concerned when he really just wants in everyone’s business. Blake wants to know who’s manipulating her. A few of the guys trash talk Blake and he sends Shaquille over to set them straight. Erica Washington intervenes when they start yelling and later Shaquille apologizes for all the drama.

Kendal And Alexcys Take It To The Next level

Things are winding down at the guys villa. Of course Alexcys and Kendal are still dancing around what is going to happen. They head to his bedroom again and this time she stays to “relax and chill”. That translates to them under the covers in seconds. In the morning Alexcys hints to the other girls that they sealed the deal and Nickole seems more excited by it than anyone. Host Mark L. Walberg pops in to remind them it’s bonfire night on Temptation Island.

Kendal doesn’t seem to worried about his girlfriend Erica seeing the footage. He’s there to embrace it and considers himself full blown single at this point. Blake is still trying to make things happen with Chelsea over at the girl’s villa and wants to know if she likes Tom. The other guys egg Evan McFadden on to take things up a notch with Erin. That they are there to smash not deal with pesky feelings.

Host Mark Fans The Flames At The Temptation Island Bonfire

At the bonfire Kristen sees Julian tell Maya that he sees similarities between them. Kristen is ok with this and considers it not cheating since there was no physical contact. She admits that she will be open about her relationship and Julian’s past cheating but not about other things that hurt in her past. Mark asks if she’d rather experience one sharp pain or experience dull pain the rest of her life. Is he talking about her relationship or this season?

Next up Erin sees Corey talking to Amanda at the Temptation Island bonfire. She cries a little because he is opening up. How dare he actually speak his mind without being reminded that he’s lucky to date someone who has dated professional athletes. Chelsea sees Thomas place a flower in Sophia’s hair and use standard middle school flirtations. She’s used to this so she isn’t too bothered.

Mark L. Walberg of course saves the juiciest for last and poor Erica Washington squirms a little when she sees the gleam in his eye. Everyone is disgusted to see Kendal and Alexcys disappear under a mound of blankets complete with sound effects. Erica surprisingly says she’s good and realizes that waking up at 4 AM to iron this idiot’s shirts has been a waste of time. So she does her hair toss, checks her nails and tells the other girls she’s good as hell. Till next time!

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