‘Temptation Island’: Corey Is Breaking Hearts and Taking Names – Recap

On Temptation Island Corey Sobczyk has flipped the script. Instead of feeling sad he’s opening up to the singles and leaving heartbreak in his wake. Erica Washington puts a rough first bonfire behind her and admits Kendal Kirkland isn’t perfect. Chelsea Orcutt connects with Dr. Blake Eyres but sees a different side of him later. And the single guys call out Kristen Ramos for not being present. Put a lime in your Corona and let’s get down to season 3 episode 3 You Did Me Dirty.

Tears and Fears on Temptation Island

Last week’s show ended with a bonfire cliffhanger after Erica Washington saw boyfriend Kendall Kirkland spending kinky quality time with island single Alexcys Homan. We resume with her in tears and the others comforting her. Host Mark L. Walberg tells her it’s time to focus on herself. Next up Kristen Ramos sees her man Julian Allen call for a dance-off. He too has a girl ready to give him a lap dance but it cuts off before he actually falls back in his chair and the lap dance was aborted.

Kristen isn’t too bothered by the clip. But is bothered that Julian has been unfaithful twice in their eleven year relationship. And questions his priorities. Mark suggests she needs get uncomfortable to figure it out. Erin Smith sees Corey Sobczyk opening up and even taking a body shot. She’s more concerned that he opened up to the other girls about how she sometimes makes him feel less than.

The Guys Bonfire Is Pretty Tame

Now it’s the guys turn for a bonfire on Temptation Island. Corey is up first and sees Erin talking to fellow soccer pro Griffin Libhart on their date. Erin admits it’s nice to talk to someone who understands what she’s been through. Corey is okay with the clip and agrees it’s hard for him to relate sometimes. Next up Julian Allen sees Kristin get a tad flirty with date Jesse Stephanos. But she admits she isn’t down for aggression. So Julian is cool for now.

Resident “bad boy” Kendal Kirkland sees his girl Erica Washington chatting with Lex Lindquist poolside about wanting to open up and enjoy her experience. Kendal isn’t worried because he claims everyone is still in the “interview phase” and just dropping lines. Next Thomas Gipson sees Chelsea Orcutt getting closer to Dr. Blake Eyres. But he agrees with Kendall that it’s all still too new to be concerned about. And that he and Chelsea are already deeply connected emotionally.

Corey Gains Confidence on Temptation Island

Corey Sobczyk was sad and lonely after leaving girlfriend Erin Smith. He rebounded with a first date with Nickole Ciszak and started feeling a little better about this mock single life. He even finds himself getting advice from some new singles. And feels really comfortable with Amanda Spain-Butts. His first date Nickole takes him aside to let him know she’s really feeling it between them. But it seems Corey is more feeling Amanda and asks her on the second date.

Thomas Gipson confesses to Temptation Island single Sophia Perez that she’s just his type. He brings her a flower and she tells him she won’t bite. Well maybe a little. Back at the girl’s villa everyone is working out and flexing for opportunities. Dr. Blake takes an opportunity to secure a second date with Chelsea. Erin makes Shaquille Urie’s day when she singles him out for a date.

Things are going a little rougher for Kristen. She tries to hang out with a few of the guys but they call her out for not even trying. And unable to break her ties to Julian and her past. Back at the guys villa Nickole is crying about being shunned by Corey. He attempts damage control but she’s a little drunk and feeling stupid. She says she loves falling in love and that Corey has done her “low key dirty”.

The Girls Get Down With a Disco Night

After the dates are done, everyone heads back to the villas on Temptation Island. The girls don 70’s wear for boogie nights with the single guys. And over at the guys pad there are ice cream sundae bars (not as innocent as it sounds) and pillow fights. After some awesome dance moves and even more colorful wigs, some tension breaks out. Single Evan McFadden apologizes to Kristen for popping champagne all over the floor.

The girls suggest they have been over it and it really isn’t a big deal. But Evan suggests one of the guys told him it was serious. And the girls want to vote him off the island. Kristen wants answers and he won’t say who. But Dr. Blake slinks up and admits it was him. Chelsea sees a shady side to Blake that makes her question if he’s just nosy and wants to be everyone’s shoulder to cry on.

Meanwhile Erica is also starting to see the light. She admits she always has to do everything like cooking for Kendal but he doesn’t do much for her in return. Kendal is busy tending to the connection and energy he feels with Alexcys. And when she questions what’s next he says he is there without rules. Alexcys says she’s tired and they go up to his bedroom. He leaves it her if she wants to stay. Of course Temptation Island ends with them making out so we wait till next time!

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