‘Teen Mom’: Bristol Palin Gets $250,000 With Knock-Out Options For Cameras To Follow Her

Teen Mom OG just signed on Bristol Palin to replace Farrah Abraham on the show with a salary that’s nothing to sneeze at. The latest reports indicate the mother of three who is closer to 30 than she is to a teen will make $250,000 for her first season.

Teen Mom Pays Well For Legal Peeping Tom Show

If Bristol takes the options that have her sign on for another Teen Mom OG season she will get another $50,000, according to Us Magazine. If she decides to do a third, then this teen mom who is far from a teen will be looking at $350,000 salary in her third season.

She won’t be dancing with the stars or singing, Bristol only has to go about her daily activities. The 27-year-old is getting a quarter of a million dollars for letting the folks at MTV do some people watching with cameras in tow.

The people they’ll be filming will be Bristol and her three kids. Not to mention it is quite possible her famous mother will drop in, the former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

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Bristol Palin Riding on Mom’s Coattails?

Some might say Bristol fell into this or perhaps rode into this might be a better term. She was a teen living in Alaska when her then Governor mother was asked to run for vice president.

Bristol was just like any other teen in the nation, but her mother’s famous campaign got her noticed. It also opened a lot of doors for her. So you might say she rode into fame on her mother’s coattails.


Former Teen Mom Dad Nose Out of Joint

With her new salary out there for the masses to note, some folks aren’t too happy about Bristol joining the show. One of those people just happens to be David Eason.

Eason’s nose is out of joint a bit after not only being fired by MTV but being severed from his wife during filming. Jenelle Evans is still a major player on the Teen Mom 2 show as far as the producers are concerned. With that said it is still up in the air if she is returning or not due to her husband’s situation.

Jenelle Fights His Battles?

Eason wants Jenelle to quit after MTV canned him for some horrific homophobic posts online. Since that time Jenelle has been saddled with the task of pushing MTV to their limits trying to get him back on the show.

Jenelle won’t sign the new contract for the show until her demands are met. Those demands include letting David stay in her home, his home, while the cameras film. MTV doesn’t want David around while they film. It would defeat the purpose because he would inevitably show up in one scene or another.

Whether fans of the show like Eason or not, many sided with Jenelle for not budging on that one. No man should be barred from his own home for sake of the cameras. The former Teen Mom 2 dad is not a fan favorite but still, people found that was a lot to ask of anyone.


Eason Whines Over His Perception of Teen Mom Double Standard

Eason weighed in on Bristol’s new gig and what he had to say wasn’t very welcoming. While he was on Teen Mom 2 and Bristol is joining Teen Mom OG, it is still the same Teen Mom family.

RadarOnline reports that Eason is calling MTV “hypocrites” for firing him and putting Bristol on their show. Eason took to Instagram on Friday to share his thoughts. He writes, “I know MTV is comprised of hypocrites but how do you fire me and hire Bristol Palin after all her homophobic and racist remarks.”

Eason did say this was nothing against Bristol personally, just MTV. While Eason didn’t clarify what he believes Bristol did for him to make such a statement, RadarOnline had a suggestion.

Bristol Just Like Eason?

She did chastise Barack Obama for his decision to support gay marriage. She also accused him of being influenced by his daughters at the time.

Bristol wrote, “that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage. Or that – as great as her friends maybe – we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.” This was back in the Obama presidential days.

New Teen Mom Can Laugh All the Way to the Bank

While Eason is moaning about Bristol getting the gig and MTV severing ties with him the world still turns. And Bristol Palin will make $250,000 for the Teen Mom OG cameras to follow her around.

Overgrown Teens?

For those of you who know what the true meaning of the “OG” in Teen Mom OG – good for you. For those of us who thought it was for “overgrown,” as in overgrown teenagers… we were wrong. It stands for “original girls” meaning the original cast of Teen Moms.

Now with the OGs starting to fall by the wayside will MTV be looking for a new couple of letters to put after the show’s name? If so what do you think they would be and better yet, what would they stand for?

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