‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Deploys Drone To Prove She’s Not A Bad Mother?

Teen Mom 2 fans have seen enough of Jenelle Evans to know that she can put on a good act. This is especially true when she claims she doesn’t care about the bad parenting slamming she endures online. It looks like the 26-year-old mother of three has changed her tune these days.

Teen Mom 2 Star Offers Bird’s Eye View

The Teen Mom 2 controversial co-star appears to be going out of her way lately to prove she’s not a bad parent. This includes using a drone for a bird’s eye view of the situation. Fansided suggests Jenelle is furious over the fans picking up a new campaign against her.

The mother of three is facing a world of turmoil when it comes to the custody of her kids. Her mother has custody of her oldest son Jace and she is in a custody battle for her middle child, Kaiser.

Teen Mom 2 fans saw Jenelle on Monday night’s show learn that Kaiser’s dad is going after full-time custody of the preschooler. Cafe Mom suggests the latest episode of TM2 gave fans an idea of just how ugly this custody battle may get.

Sudden Need to Prove Something?

It is not known why Jenelle has this sudden interest to prove to the viewers of the show that she’s not a bad parent. But could it have something to do with the possibility of losing her custody battle?

Is her fear of losing Kaiser to Nathan Griffith, the boy’s dad, driving these seemingly new defense-like actions? It looks like Jenelle has made an attempt via Instagram as well to paint her homelife one of warmth and love.

Teen Mom 2 Fans See Eason as Major Problem

Much of her problem stems from the allegations that surround her husband. That would be David Eason, who is the step-father of her two sons. He has displayed his temper around the kids, which has been seen on the show. Jenelle’s daughter Ensley is the biological daughter of Eason.

Besides slightly clapping back at fans online, Jenelle hasn’t done much to tame the bad parenting accusations. That is until now. Fans have seen Eason’s temper on the show and they’ve witnessed his vulgar language around the kids. This custody battle Jenelle is fighting with Kaiser’s father stems from allegations that Eason hit the child with a stick.

Loving Home Pictured

On Jenelle’s Instagram page she’s been posting photos of Eason that seem to display his loving step-father events. She’s been doing this for a while. Maybe she’s going under that old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” You can see one of them below, he is resting on the couch with Kaiser.


They say to pick your battles and apparently Jenelle has picked hers. Instead of going on a campaign regarding Eason’s alleged temper and vulgar language used in the home, she’s picked the backyard pool. Fans have been relentless once seeing pictures of her pool in the backyard without a fence around it.

Accident Waiting to Happen in Teen Mom 2 Backyard?

People have been bombarding her with warnings that she is breaking the law without that pool being fenced in. While there are laws for fencing-in a pool in other states, apparently there is not one in the state Jenelle lives in. She has been very eager to point that out to critics online.

Law or no law, having a pool that is not securely fenced off with little children in the home is very dangerous. This is basically what critics have been trying to slam home to Jenelle. She has been fighting with the critics on social media sites relentlessly over the allegations of an unsafe pool.

She’s even deployed a drone to show the yard and happy family in the pool. As you can see in the drone video post below, the entire yard is fenced in. But there’s no fence around the pool itself, which is what fans are up in arms about.  Jenelle claims they have an alarm for her door. Apparently, that is in place of a fence around her pool?


Yes, Jenelle went as far as to deploy a drone to film an aerial view of her backyard, according to Fansided. It is not known what she is trying to prove by this fly-over, but she’s shared it online. The film shows the proximity of the pool from the house, which is fairly close.

You can see the entire yard fenced in but smack dab in the middle is an open pool. There is no safety fence surrounding the pool that would keep the kids safe from falling in when they are out in the yard.

It looks like Jenelle does care what the masses think after all. But this may all lead back to the custody of her son hanging in the balance. Nathan claims that Eason put bruises on his son’s backside.

These bruised were the result of being hit with a stick, Nathan claims his 4-year-old told him. If Kaiser is removed from the home and handed over to Nathan, will the other kid’s be allowed to stay?

If one child is in jeopardy wouldn’t the other children be as well in the eyes of the law? Jenelle may need more than a drone’s view of her yard to make all this go away!

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