Teen Mom: Amber Portwood Returns To Teen Mom OG After Abrupt Exit

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood will return to Teen Mom after an abrupt exit. She originally left the show claiming that production treated her differently than her co-stars. However, after settling their differences, she is now ready to return to filming.

Amber has dealt with a lot on the show. From going to prison to giving birth to dealing with a miscarriage. She has shared her story with the world. However, she feels like the show is misrepresenting her. Therefore, it’s causing a lot of pain in her life. Did Amber Portwood make the right choice coming back?

Teen Mom OG – Amber Portwood Threatens To Leave Show

The Teen Mom OG veteran threatened to leave the show way before the reunion filmed. Back in November, she posted to Twitter saying that she has to quit the show.

She admits that the show has put her through a lot. She is unhappy with how the show has portrayed her. On Twitter she said she hopes that “everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of the heartache and pain” she went through.

During the Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber voiced how she was feeling to Dr. Drew. During her interview, she let everyone know that she would quit the show. This was shocking news for the audience. Including Dr. Drew and co-host Nessa Diab. Amber Portwood admits that she feels like if she left, no one would miss her. However, cheers from the audience and reassurance from Dr. Drew and Nessa proved otherwise.

Unfair Treatment From Production

After giving birth to her son James, Amber was diagnosed with postpartum depression. During this time, the show only gave her a week off from filming. She feels like this wasn’t enough time. Amber would have liked more time to work things through with her psychiatrist without having to film. She found this short period unfair in comparison to what another co-star got.

Teen Mom OG co-star Catelynn Lowell sought out treatment when she was dealing with mental health problems. While Catelynn was in Arizona in rehab production gave her a whole month off. This time period was a lot more than what Amber was given. So she finds this unfair.

The Teen Mom OG star questions why she is being treated differently compared to her co-stars. She confronts producer Larry Musnik about how she is feeling. She tells Larry that like the other girls she was a part of the pilot of the show. However, she isn’t treated the same way that her co-stars are. She brings up the fact that she works a lot for production, yet doesn’t receive anything in return.

Amber Ready To Rejoin Cast and Continue Filming

The Teen Mom OG star is not ready to leave the show just yet. She may have issues with production, but she admits “MTV are like family”. Amber and production have solved any issues between them. Despite her abrupt exit, she is now ready to rejoin the cast and continue filming for the show. She may not be happy with how the show is edited, but she is ready to continue to share her story.

According to a close source, Amber is doing much better despite her ongoing battle with depression. Amber is not done sharing her story. She sees all the love she gets from her fans and that makes what she is doing worth it. Amber Portwood has let these people into her world for ten years. She didn’t want to just leave abruptly.

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