‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Doesn’t Need MTV Money – Boasts ‘Stocks Are Full, House Paid Off’

Teen Mom OG veteran Amber Portwood claims she’s not interested in money – at least if it comes from MTV.

The mother of two recently revealed she wants to leave the MTV’s Teen Mom for good, adding that she already earned enough and ready to do better things.

On Monday night, Amber Portwood took to Twitter and threatened to ditch the show. In a series of tweets, she opened up recently about her dissatisfaction with the series, on which she starred in for seven seasons.

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood Determined To Quit

Fans of Teen Mom OG  went into a frenzy earlier this week after Amber admitted she wants to end her stint on the show. The reality star did not hold back in revealing her true feelings about being part of the franchise.

She wrote, “I can’t do this anymore,” Amber tweeted. “I have to quit this show.”

The longtime cast member, Amber Portwood, revealed that Teen Mom OG has been an emotional burden for her over the past few years.

Now that she’s had enough, she’s ready to turn her back on the show and dissociate herself from the franchise.

“The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear any more,” Amber revealed. “If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do.”

Her Harsh Words About The MTV and Teen Mom

The Teen Mom OG star also has strong words for the show and the people behind it. In response to a fan’s tweet, she firmly stated that she will not let the reality show “smear” her name anymore.

Amber also implied that the people behind Teen Mom OG  have been gaining a lot from her financially. This is despite the emotional struggles she has to go through for the sake of the show.

“I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of heartache and pain that I’ve endured.”

Amber Portwood Not Worried About Money

The harsh comments from Amber drew mixed reactions from her followers. Some encouraged her to stay for the sake of earning money. However, the reality star quickly countered the idea, adding that she has better things to do.

“No there’s other things that I will do and it will be to help people like I’ve always only wanted to do!”

Amber also points out that she has nothing to worry about financially. She added that her “stocks are full and house is paid off.”

Amber Wants To Leave Teen Mom Since 2016

This is not the first time that Amber Portwood threatened to leave Teen Mom OG. In 2016, the reality star claimed she was treated unfairly by the show, adding that she was portrayed inaccurately.

“Sad to say but I’m not going to be apart of #Teenmomog. The way I have been portrayed and treated is unfair. @MTV sending all my love.”

So far, it remains unclear if Amber will actually quit Teen Mom OG anytime soon. Fans will have to wait and see how things unfold for the reality star.

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